CAT 2022: Things to Remember on your Exam Day

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav


There is just few months left before you enter the exam hall for the father of the management entrance exams, CAT. The exam is scheduled on 27th November, 2022 and it is now time for you to prepare yourself for the exam day.

Things to do, things not to do, things to carry, and last minute tips is what you need to know before you begin with your exam.

To have all the knowledge about the instructions will help calm your nerves and drive away some of the nervousness experienced right before you appear for the exam. Know all about the things you need to do before the exam, when you are in the exam hall, and during the exam.

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Things to Remember Before the Exam

  • Pay a visit to the exam centre a day before the exam so you can decide on the best way to commute.
  • Report an hour or hour and a half before for the exam begins, i.e. around 7-7.30 for the 9-12 exam session and 12.30-1 for the 2-5 exam session.
  • Do NOT arrive late for the exam. You will not be allowed to sit for the exam if you reach late.
  • Make sure you carry a couple of copies of the admit card.
  • Carry a valid and original ID proof.

Things to Remember when you are Inside the Exam Hall

  • Check and note down the test lab allocation number and test allocation on the notice board.
  • Once you are inside the exam hall you will be asked for a thumb impression and a photo capture along with your signature on the attendance sheet.
  • The signature on your original ID proof and the one you use on the attendance sheet should be the SAME.
  • Writing material like pen and rough sheets will be provided at the exam centre. Make sure you mention your name and registration number on every rough sheet you use.
  • Once done, you have to return the pen and rough sheets.

Things to Remember During the Exam

  • Only the use of mouse is permitted to mark your answers so do not use the keyboard.
  • Log in to your exam once instructed to do so. Do not hurry.
  • Read all the instructions carefully before proceeding with the exam.
  • You need to sign the declaration which appears on the test screen to open the test link.
  • The question paper is divided into 3 sections: VARC, DILR and Quant.
  • Quantitative section will contain MCQs and non-MCQs. There is negative marking for MCQs only.
  • Virtual keyboard can be used for non-MCQs.
  • The total duration of the exam is 180 minutes, i.e. 3 hours. You will have 1 hour to complete each section. Only PWD (Person with disability) candidates will be given an extra 20 minutes for each section.
  • There is an auto-timer which will submit your answers for each section once the time is up. You will automatically move to the next section.
  • You can leave some questions for ‘review’ and answer them later if you wish to. However, you have to answer those questions in ‘review’ before the stipulated time gets over. If unable to answer, the system will mark them answered even if they are still in the ‘review’ status.

P.S. You will NOT get a bathroom break.

These are all the things you need to know, remember and do before and during your exam. Read these points carefully and memorize them to avoid confusion and hesitancy.

Prepare as well as you can for the next 2 days and give it your best shot on November 27, 2022.

All the Best and Good Luck!

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