5 Interesting MBA Specialisations You Didn't Know Existed!

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) program is generally a two year course and consists of a program of curriculum that provides a foundation in the core concepts of business, including management, capital markets, finance, logistics, economics, telecommunications, sales, marketing, human resource management, and supply chain management. These are some of the common specializations of MBAs.

Apart from the above mentioned streams, there are quite a number of streams that are unheard of by most MBA aspirants, such as an MBA in Criminal Justice, or the MBA in Clinical Research Management, the MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance, MBA in Media and Entertainment and also the MBA in Family Business Management.

This article aims to highlight a few of the interesting but lesser known specializations of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) course.

MBA in Football Industries

This specialization is offered only by the University of Liverpool Management School and is a twelve month MBA which is conducted in partnership with the English Football Association. This MBA is apt for candidates who seek careers in football, clubs, sponsorship companies and the media, and governing bodies and the course focuses on the business, professionalism and marketing of Football as more than just a sport, and looks at it as an industry.

MBA in Football Industries

The main objectives are to introduce the theoretical debates around the Football business and its functioning. Students are to analyze the process. Management fundamentals are taught and students are to implement concepts to the modern Football industry.

This is a specialization exclusive to Liverpool, home to the Barclay’s Premier League, and the University of Liverpool Management School is the only school which offers this.

Closer home, the Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, Kolkata offers a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Sports Management (PGDSM) and the University of Technology & Management, Shillong offers a one year PGDM in sports management.

MBA in Wine Management

MBA in Wine Management

Another one of a kind degree, is the MBA degree in Wine & Spirits. This is a unique degree offered by the Bordeaux School of Management in France. Set in the lush countryside of Bordeaux, it is no small wonder that the need for such a specialization arose as Bordeaux is synonymous with wine. The course covers nine major disciplines which are marketing, economics, information management systems, managing people, international business and environmental forces, entrepreneurship and leadership, corporate finance, strategic management and supply chain and operations management.

The course has a duration of 24 months, and is done part-time. The nine disciplines, a Wine & Spirits MBA dissertation, which is a project based on extensive research which analyzes a business issue, an extensive study of major consumer-producer markets of wine and spirits, and an elective are conducted. The elective subjects from which one must be selected are tourism, sustainability, the creative turn, and auction and judgement.

MBA in Music & Creative Industries

The MBA in Music & Creative Industries is designed to develop, cultivate and strengthen skills and techniques of leaders and innovators in the music and creative industry, to help in decision making and strategic business challenges, and to lead businesses supporting responsible leadership.

MBA in Music and Creative Industries

This program covers subjects like IP management, copyright development, international policy, regulation and leadership in the creative sector, and brand sponsorship and value creation.

As of now, this specialization is exclusive to Henley Business School, in Reading, England, and is aimed at those who aim to work in managerial positions in the music and creative industries for posts like creative managers, industry executives, business managers and the like, in small and medium enterprises.

MBA in Media and Entertainment

MBA in Media and Entertainment

The MBA in Media and Entertainment is a specialization of the masters program which focuses on the media industry which is a sector that is growing rapidly. There are different types of media like radio, TV, print, films and internet, and management professionals are required to run and manage the industry.

This course covers many subjects like history of media, media business practices, social media and rich media, emerging trends in media, managing media, and principles of management and advertising and is offered in Hindustan University.

MBA in Aviation Management

Airports are one of the busiest places as people bustle in and out in large numbers. The aviation industry took flight as soon as it started, and now, requires a large number of management professionals to maintain and manage airlines, aircrafts, airports and other enterprises.

MBA in Aviation Management

Subjects like airline economics, airline CRM, aviation law, e-business, supply chain management, airline and airport management, cross cultural management, and accident investigations.

This course is offered in Hindustan University, Aimfill, AJ Institute (Bangalore), Hindustan Aviation Academy, Hindustan Business School.

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