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The need for a world class business school in Asia led to the development of the Indian School of Business (ISB.) ISB offers various innovative programs that aim at creating young leaders who are not only strong in understanding the developing economies but also possess a global idea. ISB is operating in two campuses, one in Hyderabad and the other one in Mohali. It offers various programs that provide the students with global best practices. The programs at ISB Hyderabad help the students to capitalize on the new opportunities that are widespread in the global economy.

There are a range of programs offered in ISB and a few of them are as mentioned below

  1. Post Graduate program (PGP) in management: 1 year duration
  2. Part-time post graduate program for senior professionals or executives (PGPMAX)
  3. Executive Education program for middle management and senior management: a short duration course
  4. Fellow program in management (FPM), which is equal to a doctoral program: 5 year duration
  5. Masters level program: this is for family business descendants

There are four major ISB training institutes that target and develop talent in special areas:

  1. Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing
  2. Bharti Institute of Public Policy
  3. Max Institute of Healthcare Management
  4. Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management

Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing

Manufacturing units have a positive effect on the economy and these are prerequisites for a strong economic growth. The Indian government has also put forth the “national Manufacturing Policy” in order to bring in more manufacturing units and to strengthen the manufacturing divisions. Manufacturing forms the base for employment and improvement in the economy. The institute aims at providing candidates with exceptional knowledge in manufacturing vertical. It aims at raising the level of manufacturing in the country. As part of ISB, the training institute thrives to provide operational excellence and innovation in the sector of manufacturing.

Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing offers the “Technology Entrepreneurship program” (TEP). This program aims at providing candidates with innovative approaches and various design & enterprise related modules. The program also makes sure that the students develop a entrepreneurial mindset in addition to providing concepts. It offers a student-centered learning through activities such as team work, problem solving and experimentation. TEP offers a combination of learning and experiential environment, thus enriching the candidates.

Bharti Institute of Public Policy

The institute aims at promoting and enhancing the policy formulation in India. It offers various short-term and degree programs for candidates and aims at helping them to enhance and formulate better policies.

Max Institute of Healthcare Management

The institute plays a key role in enhancing the healthcare sector in India. It offers various programs that aim at developing students into exceptional contributors for the healthcare industry. It offers unique programs that are not only healthcare centric, but concentrate in the areas of business and management too. The candidates develop core skills in various areas of accounting, management, finance, operation and strategy. It is only after mastering these skills they master the core areas of the healthcare specialization.This model develops candidates with a broader knowledge and skills, great creativity and thus they become leaders in the industry.

Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management

The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management provides various programs in infrastructure management.

The ISB training institutes aim at developing students into leaders in various verticals. ISB has also partnered with many other institutes and is improving the economy of the country by enhancing the knowledge of the candidates who pursue education there.

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