MAT December 2016 Exam Analysis


MAT Dec 2016 Analysis

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) December 2016 was concluded on 11th December 2016 in just one slot between (10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). The mode of examination was paper based and the online test was scheduled to be held on 17 December 2016 onwards (if required). The paper pattern of MAT December 2016 was not different from the structure specified by All India management Association (AIMA). The difficulty of questions varied between easy and moderate. A total of 200 questions appeared in the MAT Dec 2016 paper including all the 5 sections. Each question was an MCQ where for every right answer one mark was allotted and for every wrong answer, there was a negative marking of 0.25 marks. Data Analysis, Sufficiency and Mathematical skills were difficult compared to all other sections and the Indian & Global Environment section involved current news and topics. The best way to attempt the paper was to carefully choose your questions before attempting. The complete MAT Dec 2016 Exam Analysis is given below:

Sr. No


No. of questions

Marks Attainable


Language Comprehension




Intelligence and Critical Reasoning




Mathematical Skills




Data Analysis and Sufficiency




India and Global Environment







Section wise analysis of MAT Exam Dec 2016:

Language Comprehension:

  • The section had a total of 40 questions
  • There were 20 Verbal ability and Verbal Reasoning questions and 20 Reading comprehension questions
  • The Verbal ability and reasoning questions included para-jumbled, Summary questions, antonyms, synonyms, unscramble and find odd man out.
  • Of these, the questions on unscramble were difficult rest were easy or moderate in Level of Difficulty.
  • In reading Comprehension there were a total of 4 passages and 20 questions. 3 passages were 500 words long while 1 was around 450 words long.
  • The topics involved were demonetisation, Fibroscan for liver diseases, Safety and care regulation regime and an abstract topic on how to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the right talent by using training to turn low level to executive level employees.

Intelligence and Critical Thinking:

  • The section included 15 verbal reasoning questions and 25 logical reasoning questions.
  • The verbal reasoning questions had Venn diagram (Syllogisms), strong and weak arguments and 5 course of action questions.
  • Logical reasoning had the majority of questions with miscellaneous questions on numbers and ages, coding, decoding, linear arrangement etc.
  • Of the 3 sets on arrangements, 2 were on matrix and 1 was on direction. One of the matrix sets was slightly difficult and should have been left for last or not attempted at all.
  • Family tree and complete the series questions did not appear however students reported that some questions were vague with insufficient data.

Mathematical Skills:

  • 29 out of 40 questions were Arithmetic based and included questions on Speed, Time, Distance, percentages, profit, Loss etc.
  • Questions on Alligations, Time and work were a bit difficult compared to the rest of the questions.
  • Rest of the questions were on Modern Mathematics, geometry and Numbers.
  • Geometry was a bit tricky however the whole section in all was rated between easy to moderate level of difficulty.
  • The effective way to solve this section was to solve around 25 questions with 85% accuracy.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency:

  • This section was more difficult than all the other sections
  • There were 30 Data Interpretation questions, 5 data sufficiency and 5 quantitative comparison questions.
  • Some sets were difficult while other were easy yet required time and calculations. These included bar graphs, pie chart, tables, Venn diagrams etc.
  • There was a caselet based on Venn Diagram was difficult as it had a total of 5 parameters.
    Rest of the easy questions were based on geometry, arithmetic, probability etc.

India and Global Environment:

  • This section was not too tough for any candidate who was abreast with the news in the past 6 months and current affairs would be able to handle this section pretty easily.
  • There were about 23 questions on national and 17 questions on international events.
  • The section could easily be solved in 15 minutes however candidates found 23 questions to be difficult, 17 to be moderate and 6 questions to be easy in this section.

MAT is a quarterly conducted management entrance test conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), scores of which are used for admissions to more than 200 management colleges in India. The next MAT exam is scheduled to be conducted on Feb 2022, registrations of which have already started. For more details click here.

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