Online Vs Offline. Which is better for MAT?

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Over the years with the development in technology even our education systems are shifting over to e classes and online learning. One part of technology involvement in conduction of examinations was online submission of answers. This was better for questions that have a single correct answer as it reduces manual labour of checking every answer sheet. And so, many of the biggest entrance examinations including the coming Management Aptitude Test (MAT) have included the option of giving the tests online. We are one generation who have been in the habit of giving subjective answers to objective questions ever since Class 1 but are not far behind with technology. So a question arises of what mode of examination to opt while appearing for important exams, online or offline?

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And so, we have come up with a list of merits and demerits that both the modes hold so that we can make up our mind which ones better.



The process

  • Every candidate is allocated a computer system.
  • Candidates are required to login using the ID provided to them at the exam centres. Most of the times your Roll Number is the login ID.
  • As soon as you are logged in, few guidelines are displayed regarding the exam mode and the exam.
  • After carefully reading the instructions, candidates have to tick mark on “I understand” option.
  • When the exam begins, there will a box displayed on left side with question numbers and radio buttons beside them marked from 1 to 100.
  • The question numbers in the box are color coded in the following manner:
    1) Initially all the question numbers are in blue color.
    2) If candidate leaves any question unattempted it remains in blue color.
    3) The color changes to red if the questions are attempted.
    4) A small triangle appears before every question number in case the candidates wish to go back and change the answer to any particular question.
  • Candidates are supposed to mark the answers using mouse.



Navigation through the question paper is easy

Technical glitches in the system might cause loss of data and time.

Very easy to change your answer, just go back to the question and change the answer.

Difficult for candidates if one is not familiar with the technology of computers and internet

A test clock is provided on the top to keep track of time left.

The examination can be stressful if one does not have a habit of sitting in front of a computer for hours causing headache.



Paper Based Test Center for MAT Feb 2023

The process

  • The candidates are provided with an OMR sheet and a question paper with rough pages to do rough work.
  • Candidates are required to fill the oval corresponding to the correct option on the OMR sheet.
  • The candidates can easily change their marked answers by erasing their answers using an eraser and filling the oval again.
  • Half-filled oval, double filled ovals will be considered as wrong answers and no marks are given for those questions.



The answers are to be marked manually therefore no chance of technical glitches

More number of pages makes jumping from one section to other difficult

Answers can be changed and marked again easily

The ovals have to be filled completely with ink/pencil, half filled ovals are considered incorrect answers.

Rough work is easy as space is already provided in the question paper

Time information is not displayed anywhere, candidates have to carry wristwatches.

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Which one of the mode is better is a difficult question to answer as both the modes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Whether to go for offline or online mode while giving MAT or any exam is a decision to be taken by the candidate considering all the factors and what is more convenient.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the two modes, which one would you choose?

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