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All of us use dairy products of various kinds everyday, but isn’t it surprising that we don’t know much about the industry or the people who make the whole process of Dairy Management happen so seamlessly and without glitches? Dairy Management enables experts to relentlessly work towards making dairy products reach almost each and every household of India, effortlessly and like clockwork. Running and managing a dairy needs immaculate presence of mind, depth of knowledge and exceptional multi-tasking skills. A master’s degree in ‘Diary Management’, thus gives you an opportunity to be at the helm of such production and distribution houses, and lets you bring your skills to practice. It is an incredibly fascinating journey that will leave you mesmerized with its depth and scope.

Unlike other careers, the management of a dairy business is rather different. It is done at a micro level and the dairy farmer usually sets his/her own goals, provides the management of the business and performs a part of the labour, as well. This, as a result, makes diary management a rather tricky job, as it is often difficult to separate management from labor. One needs to have a perfect sense of human resource and economic management. A master’s degree in Diary Management thus facilitates you with pure management skills that allow decision making on one hand, and milking the cow on the other, quite literally.

Today, we have many Dairy Centers of national importance like Amul in Anand, Gujarat, and Mother Dairy, in New Delhi to fulfill the rising demand of milk and milk products. Dairy business is part of Agriculture and in academics it comes under the bracket of agricultural sciences and engineering. In industry it comes under Agriculture bracket.

Course Details

The main objective of dairy management course is to provide basic input to students about production, planning and management of dairy farms, entrepreneurship development in milk preservation, entrepreneurship development in dairy processing and management of dairy farm, co-operative and industry.

The following topics are taught in detail in dairy management programs:

    • Milking Management

    • Feeding Management

    • Calf Management

    • Cooling Management

    • Cleaning Management

    • Milk filtration Management

    • Hoof management

    • Manure handling

    • Cow Longevity

    • Cow comfort Management

    • Animal signs Management

    • Biosecurity

    • Dairy farm planning Management

    • Dairy herd Management

    • Dairy buffalo Production Management

Career Scope

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Dairy Management can find job opportunities with government and private sector dairy establishments. You may be appointed as:

  • Farm manager

  • Dairy manager

  • Head – Farm Services

A typical dairy farm manager ensures that proper procedures are set up in the dairy farm that result in an improvement in milk production and cows’ fertility & health.


One also may join teaching and research in academics or start his own business venture.

Who can become a Dairy Management professional?

Graduate students with Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Dairy management can join dairy industry in administrative role. One must have clear understanding of customer needs and market trends to be a successful dairy manager and to turn a Dairy into profit making venture. There is tough competition in market both at national and international level; a Dairy Management professional must be able to add brand value and have an edge over competitors. 

Colleges/Institutes for Dairy Management

Considering the importance of dairy industry, various colleges and universities in India offers study programs in Dairying, ranging from certificate level courses to engineering and research. Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Dairy Management is such programs offered by various universities and institutes in India to provide trained human resources to Dairy business. Besides universities and institutes also offer certificate programs, diploma programs, and short term courses and organizes workshops for farmers and professionals.

In India, almost all universities offer a master’s degree in Dairy Management. Listed below are the top institutes to choose from:


The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) - Karnal


College of Dairy Sciences and Technology - Mannuthy


Institute of Rural Management - Anand


Sheth MC College of Dairy Science - Anand


Dairy Science College - Bangalore


University of Agricultural Sciences - Dharwad


Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya - Jabalpur


College of Dairy Technology - Nagpur


Allahabad Agricultural Institute - Allahabad


Rajasthan Agricultural University - Bikaner


Candidates having bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with 60% marks or an overall grade point average (OGPA) of 6.60 out of 10.00.


    • Masters in Dairying Program/Management — three years for students who have graduated with a three-year degree course.

    • Two years – for graduates who have studied a four-year degree course.

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