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Design Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

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Design is a universal concept today, playing an important role in every field- be it architecture, information technology, advertising, art, or even medicine. Design helps promote brands and products, and brings in efficiency in any business practice. Because of this, in today’s world, it has become more essential than ever to have a practical knowledge of design, the trends in the market, and how they affect management practice. This need has created the requirement for candidates who have an MBA in Design Management.

MBA and other postgraduate diploma courses in design management focus on nurturing business managers who understand the value of good design and able to add value to the company and customers’ money.

Course Details

Students of this course not only learn the core marketing concepts, project accounting, and organizational behavior of a general management degree, but they are also trained in design concepts, focused on the user. As a result, students get to use their creativity and have the scope to go beyond traditional ideologies. This brings about a new angle to the innovation process. With a resulting strong base in project management, operations management, and strategic management, graduates are well equipped to bring in the concept of creativity into organizations.

Some of the topics covered in this discipline include:

    • Financial management

    • Organizational behavior

    • Strategic management

    • Production and operation management

    • Legal aspects of business

    • Principles of design management

    • Lifestyle space design management

    • Fashion retailing and visual merchandising

    • Mall management

    • Marketing and sales management

    • Advertising and public relations, human resource management

    • Franchise management and operations

    • Customer relationship management

    • Supply chain management


The main areas where a design management professional gets job opportunities are:

    1. Information Technology

    2. Textile Industry

    3. Automobile Industry

    4. Real Estate

    5. Construction Companies

    6. Fashion Design

    7. Environment Design

    8. Construction Companies

Students with graduate degree in any stream (science, arts, commerce, engineering) can pursue a post graduate course in design management. After successful completion of coursework Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree or Post Graduate Diploma is awarded. Careers in design management include job profiles such as:

    • Design manager

    • Creative director

    • Design director

    • Product Manager

    • Marketing Manager

    • Brand Manager

    • Corporate Manager

World famous companies such as Target and Apple are always on the lookout for such bright minds today.

Who can become a Design Management Professional?

Anyone who has a degree in any stream can pursue a course in design management. At work front one should be clearly able to understand between good design versus bad design, and able to assist design engineers and other design workers. A design management professional should be able to add value to company and customer money through value edition in product designs. Career opportunities are vast for design management professionals.

Top 10 Colleges/Institutes for Design Management


International Institute of Fashion Design (IIFD) - Mumbai


Pacific University - Rajasthan


Advance Institute of Business Management - Haryana


National Institute of Design (NID) - Ahmedabad


Institute of Apparel Management - Mumbai


Institute of Apparel Management - Gurgaon


Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology - Bangalore


Swami Vivekanand Subharti University - Uttar Pradesh


JJ School of Arts - Mumbai


IIT Bombay - Mumbai

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