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Event Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

commonwealth games delhi2010 event management wizcraft1

India's leading events management company, Wizcraft International Entertainment Ltd had organized the 2010 Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing ceremonies in New Delhi

Though you must have heard of the term “event management” being used widely, it specifically means application of project management expertise to the creation and development of events such as seminars, symposiums, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, functions and so on. It might interest you to know that major events like IPL, literature festivals, Olympics or Common Wealth Games completely rely on event management companies. Since this industry is growing at a rapid pace, an MBA in Event Management will open up many opportunities for a student who especially loves action, variety, challenge and outdoor work. Event management involves identifying and understanding target audience, developing theme of event, communicating and promoting the concept, coordinating technical parameters, projecting the cost, successfully conducting the event and more.

The 2014 general elections of India was the largest “event” of the year and was supposed to be the 2nd most expensive elections in the world, just behind the 2012 US Presidential elections. Interesting to note that 1/3rd of the total media spend of the 2014 elections was on “event management & ground activity.”

Courses and Topics

    • Event Logistics

    • Event coordination

    • Event Accounting

    • Public Relations

    • Marketing Management

    • Advertising

    • Brand Management

    • Customer service

    • Catering

    • Logistics

    • Décor

    • Glamour identity

    • Study of Law and Licenses

    • Budgeting / Finance Management

    • Media Management

    • Celebrity Management

    • Crowd Management

    • Security and Safety Management

    • Insurance and Risk management

    • Inter personal skills

    • Team building and leadership skills

    • Technology

Apart from the topics mentioned above, many event management colleges also conduct workshops, industry visits and expert lectures, experiential learning, internships, personality development, professional mentoring that help you gain an overall view of the industry.

Career Scope

The FICCI-KPMG 2015 report on the Indian media & entertainment industry predicts the event management sector to grow by 25-30%  in 2015 as compared to the previous year. When it comes to choosing a career in event management, you have the option of becoming,

    1. An event planner

    2. A business development manager

    3. A public relations officer

    4. A wedding planner

    5. An account manager

    6. A client servicing manager

    7. A brand manager

    8. An artist manager

    9. A corporate communications specialist

A qualified student with 2 years of work experience and some useful personal contacts can also set up his own business without the need for a huge capital, office or showroom. Event Managers are also required in NGOs, advertising agencies and government agencies. Wizcraft, DNA Entertainment Networks, Percept D Mark are some of the top event management companies in India.

Top 10 Colleges/Institutes for Event Management

Event Management MBA courses usually run for 2 years and are offered by the following:


IIFT - New Delhi


School of Film and Mass Communication - Allahabad


MMCC - Pune


The Media Institute - Mumbai


National Institute of Design (NID) - Ahmedabad


International Media Institute - Gurgaon


Institute of Media, Fashion and Allied Arts - Mumbai


Amity School of Communication - Agra


National Institute of Event Management - Pune


Institute of Mass Communication, Film and Television Studies - Kolkata

There are also many other institutes that offer post graduation diploma in Event Management.

Other MBA Streams in India

There are also many other institutes that offer post graduation diploma in Event Management.

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