WAT Preparation Tips

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav

WAT Preparation Tips

WAT Preparation Tips: WAT or written ability test is part of the final selection process in all the IIMs and other management colleges. In fact, the group discussion (GD) is being replaced by WAT in many of the IIMs and other renowned B schools.

More often than not, what you write in your WAT sets the tone for your personal interview (PI). It is, therefore, very important to go prepared for this crucial round.

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Four WAT Preparation Tips

We bring you some basic tips that can help you in WAT Preparation:

1.    Read a lot: WAT has been designed to basically test your knowledge and richness of content. So you should be prepared to wax eloquent on any topic under the sun. Keep yourself updated on all current affairs. Expand your knowledge base. Read up on everything that made news in the last one year or maybe even before that.

The best way to expand your knowledge and to develop an opinion on important events is to religiously read the newspapers. Never miss out on reading the front page, the editorial page and business/ economy section.

2.    Write a lot: This is as important as reading. You need to practice writing essays. It isn’t sufficient just to know a lot. One needs to practice how to pen down their thoughts and present them in a logical, coherent and concise manner. Some IIMs have a word limit in WAT, some don’t. IIM Calcutta had set a time limit of 200 words last year. Practice putting across all your points in the most economic way as possible.

Make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible. No point writing down the best ideas if no one is able to read it!

Pick up a relevant WAT topic and practice writing an essay on it, everyday. Then sit down and read back what you’ve written. Check for grammatical errors, lack of clarity and logic. Or better still; get your essay evaluated by your peers seniors or teachers. Work on your weak areas and try to write better the next time, next day.

3.    Time Management: Everyone can write well, if they’re given a day to do it. What matters is how well you write under time constraints. WAT, in this way, is an excellent test to check how clearly you can think under pressure. The time limit for writing the essay can range from 10 to 20 to 25 minutes.  

In 2012, IIM Ahmedabad had given a time limit of 10 minutes for WAT, IIM Lucknow – 15 minutes and IIM Bangalore – 30 minutes. So practice essay writing under simulated conditions. Be prepared for any situation. Practice writing on the same topic in 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes; but make sure that each time you manage to write all the points you had in mind.

4.    Ideas’ Management: As soon as you get a topic to write, spend at least 2-3 minutes deciding what ideas and points you need to write about. Instead, if you immediately get down to writing, you might not be able to construct your essay well.

Your essay should follow a clear pattern and should not be written haphazardly. The invigilator would immediately get to know how much time you spent constructing the essay in your mind. Practice managing the ideas mentally. So that when you put pen to paper, the ideas flow freely and make sense!

IndiaEducation wishes all the MBA aspirants the very best for WAT!

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