How To Prepare For XAT 2018

The Xavier Aptitude Test, XAT, is a competitive B-school entrance exam conducted by Xavier’s Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur. It is considered to be among the most difficult entrance exams in India, and it is considered so because of complex questions on verbal ability, logical reasoning, and other subjects; progressive negative marking; and an essay on a topic which is completely unpredictable. XAT 2018 will be conducted on 7 January, 2018. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some of the most important points to remember during preparation for XAT. Do not forget to add these to your arsenal in your run up to XAT 2018.

XAT Preparation Tips: Section Wise

  • Decision Making:

  1. This is a unique section meant to test your analytical and decision making skills.
  2. The questions involved are business cases or scenarios with dilemma where one has to analyze the profit or loss to be incurred and make a sound judgement of the case.
  3. Most of the times the questions asked are interesting cases where the candidate has to answer one of the following parts.
    – What course of action would you take?
    – What led to this situation?
  4. The decisions meant to be taken are related to ethical dilemmas, financial issues, and managerial decisions involving many parameters.
  5. To make sure you are able to crack this section, just remember to be unbiased, give an overview through a 360-degree perspective and make a decision that does not favor any particular party, person, or stakeholder in particular.
  • English Language and Logical Reasoning:

  1. Focus of this section is on reasoning and critical thinking.
  2. This section requires a perfect balance between quick reading and comprehension skills. Most of the passages ask for inferences but XAT paper comprehension passages are more difficult than the usual grammar passage.
  3. The only way to get through it is to practice comprehension as much as possible.
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation:

  1. Most of the questions are based on probability, permutations and combinations, functions, geometry etc
  2. The questions are used mostly for data interpretation purposes.
  3. Remember to make your basics strong for the above topics as they help with the correct interpretation of data.
  4. This section works for you best when you have the perfect balance between the amount of time and the number of questions solved correctly.
  • General Awareness:

  1. Going by a strategy, General Awareness section requires the same amount of preparation as the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test for Post Graduation (SNAP). The General Knowledge section was introduced in XAT in the year 2013.
  2. Candidates should focus on general knowledge, organizations, business knowledge national and international, India, current affairs, sports and personalities that are in the news.
  3. The internet is a very good source for this, and so are Manorama and CSR Year books, magazines, and newspapers.
  4. The score for the section on General Knowledge will not be a determining factor for the percentile and the first cut-off for selection, but it is used by XLRI and a few other member institutes at the time of the final selection.
  • XAT Essay Writing:

  1. XAT especially has this section to understand the thought process of a candidate.
  2. Essays depict the coherence of thoughts in the candidate’s mind.
  3. Most of the essay topics given in XAT are abstract dimensions.
  4. The invigilation is not language or vocabulary based but more on your knowledge and opinions regarding a topic.
  5. The key is to read the editorial columns of newspapers regularly and having your essays assessed by someone to know where you stand on this section. (ReadEssay writing tips)
  • Practice:

  1. Practice makes man perfect is not a wrong phrase.
  2. Majority of the sections require practice in order to complete the XAT paper in time with accuracy.
  3. It is important to attempt as many mock tests and previous papers, not just for XAT, but also other exams with similar patterns. (Also read: All previous XAT question papers)

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