XAT Essay Writing Preparation Tips

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav

XAT Essay Writing Preparation Tips

XAT Essay Writing Preparation Tips: The Xavier Admission Test (XAT) is one of the most popular exams for MBA entrance, after CAT. Many top-ranked MBA colleges and universities accept XAT scores to narrow down the pool of candidates for the next stage of the admissions process. XAT is unique in that all test-takers have to write an essay on a given topic. Most students find this to be the biggest challenge in the exam.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a strategy on how to prepare for the XAT essay and approach the given topic during the exam.

How to write that XAT essay in just 20 minutes.

We have been writing essays in our exams for a long time now, from schools to colleges. If we retrospect on what essays we wrote then and now, we observe the changes in our personality, our thought processes, our opinions and the way we express them. This is the actual reason why even in the entrance conducted by Xavier School of Management, commonly known as Xavier’s Aptitude test (XAT), they include an essay question. It helps to know what the candidate’s ethnic and moral values are, how the candidate thinks and acts. But with so much going on with all the sections to complete and just 35 minutes for GK and essay to go, it becomes important to keep in mind these 5 simple tips to deliver a great essay.

1. Organize:

The first important step while attempting any essay question is to take some time and think about the topic, organize your thoughts and mentally develop a rough structure in which you would want to present it. Stick to the topic at hand and avoid including redundant or irrelevant ideas. This shows your meticulous approach towards any situation and helps you see clearly.

2. Be informed:

An essay can be quickly written if you are well informed about the topic because all you have to do is present your opinion instead of spending time speculating what it might mean leading to unclear conclusions. Keep a track of what is happening around the world. Read newspapers, magazines, watch the news, documentaries to be well aware of the facts. Understand the topic completely to know what the reader might want to read. Back your opinions with facts and evidences for a clear expression of thought.

3. Structure and Grammar:

Put your rough structure to use. Start with an intriguing introduction and write in paragraphs, not just one. Do make sure that the paragraphs you place in a line are transitioning in nature, one leading to another. It helps the reader understand the topic and your stand clearly. Avoid making grammatical errors, repetition and using big words unnecessarily out of context. Conclude the essay with a proper paragraph allotted which summarizes the topic while putting across your conclusion.

4. Time your essay:

Most of the times we are so well versed with a topic that we feel like making it the best and so end up writing so much that it does not give you enough time to conclude or move on to next point smoothly. To avoid this, try timing your essay. Take 2 mins to structure your thoughts, 3 mins for introduction, 7 for the body of the topic with neat paragraphs, 3 mins for conclusion and another 5 minutes to review and correct your essay wherever needed. The breakdown doesn’t have to be in this format, you can develop one of your own. But do make sure that every section is clear, concise and transitioning into other.

5. Make it interesting:

Nobody said an essay has to be boring. You can use catchphrases, quotes from famous people in your essay to make it interesting. Quote recent occurrences that support it, use a little humour so that it doesn’t get boring for the reader. While concluding the essay, put a point that leaves the reader pondering and with an effect that keeps him/her thinking about it.

Most of the management colleges also conduct Written Aptitude Tests (WAT) during or after the entrances, you can also find some useful tips on how to write a nice essay in WAT and other entrances.

You can also have a look at the past topics of essay appeared in XAT  pdf Past essay XAT topics

Try these steps in some sample topics to practice and see instant results. Essay writing can seem boring and time consuming but put these 5 tips to use and you will never have to worry about writing an essay again!

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