Tips and Tricks to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE


NCHMCT JEE Tips and Tricks

The National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)  tests your ability and readiness for the exciting and dynamic field of hospitality and service industry and preparing for it requires consistent study with strong determination. Getting a commendable score in the NCHMCT JEE can land you up in some of the best hotel management colleges of India but preparing for it can be a challenging task. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve compiled for you which can help you prepare well for the NCHMCT JEE:

1.     Make a Study Plan

An organized study schedule for the NCHMCT JEE will allow you to set a clear action goal for the exam. Start with understanding the exam structure followed by a self analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Divide your time for each section as per your requirements and make sure you follow your plan sincerely. Use the ‘Target Vs Time’ method, wherein you should ensure that you complete your weekly targets and they act as milestones to your preparation.  This will help you inculcate a sense of discipline and reduce the exam stress.

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2.     Practice Regularly

Practice is the key to score well in the NCHMCT JEE. Since the NCHMCT JEE consists of numerous sections such as Logical Deduction. Numerical Ability, Aptitude for Service Sector, Current Affairs and English language skills, it is imperative that you start practicing early so that you are able to cover every topic. Get the right study material and begin with understanding the fundamental concepts thoroughly and make sure you cover every question type of the respective sections. Identity which sections you find difficult to deal with and devote more time to strengthen them. Alongside, make sure that you don’t forget to revise all the important concepts periodically and get a good grasp on them.

3.     Don’t fear the Maths Section!

A lot of students are afraid of the maths section on the NCHMCT because they assume the maths on the exam is something of rocket science difficulty. However, the NCHMCT just tests you on high school mathematics and your ability to use mathematical concepts to solve real world problems. Practice maths daily for at least half an hour and ensure that you’ve covered all the topics. Don’t just memorize formulas, try to understand the basic theory behind a concept and you’ll crack the math section easily!

4.     Keep your General Knowledge Up to Date

The General Knowledge and Current Affairs section forms a crucial part of the NCHMCT JEE and many students are clueless on how to prepare for it. Read newspapers daily and catch up with general guidebooks such as ‘The Manorama Guide’. Make the Internet your friend – subscribe to online alerts and browse through popular websites to keep a grip on your knowledge about current affairs.

5.     Master your English Language Skills

 The English Language section on the NCHMCT JEE is a very scoring one and it absolutely depends upon how well versed you already are with the section. Start revising all the grammar concepts, brush up your vocabulary by reading newspapers and daily articles, practice reading and analyzing passages and you’ll be able to ace this section easily!

6.     Understand the Aptitude for Service Sector Section

The Aptitude for Service Section questions are very different from the rest of the sections asked in the NCHMCT JEE as it tests your interpersonal and general moral skills. Try to analyze each and every question objectively and answer only on your personal judgements. Again, practice is the key to score well here!

7.     Past Papers and Mock Tests are your savior!

Practicing mock tests and previous year’s papers is the best way to study for the NCHMCT JEE. Attempt the tests in a stress simulated and time bound environment and analyze your performance. Identity your strong and weak areas and focus on improving your shortcomings. Try to attempt at least 10-15 mock tests before your NCHMCT JEE and you’ll surely know where you stand!

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8.     Keep Calm and don’t lose hope!

The NCHMCT is an easy exam, you just have to be confident and have positive energy around you. Remain motivated at every step of your preparation and excel in your journey. De-stress yourself by engaging in some leisure activity along with your study plan, stay optimistic and you’re going to score well in NCHMCT JEE for sure!


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