17-year-old Develops Gaming App to Raise Money for Underprivileged Kids

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ranvijay singh develops mobile app rope dash to raise funds for slum kidsThe biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Everyone of us nurses dream or goals of one or the other kind. Most of the times, these goals are personal or for the benefit of the ones close to us. But, there are some among us who think beyond the conventional and dream not for one but for all.

A teenage boy of 17 in Gurgaon has dared to dream for the underprivileged children of the society and is diligently trying to raise money in order to support them through a mobile phone application (app) which has been developed by him.

Ranvijay Singh, who is living with his parents in South City 1 of Gurgaon has developed a mobile game 'Rope Dash' for both android and iOS users. The money he earns from his gaming application directly goes in buying stationary and books for the children living in slum areas.

rope-dash-mobile-app-by-ranvijay-singh-to-raise-money-for-poor-kidsRope Dash, the mobile app created by 17 year old Ranvijay, in order to raise money to buy school stationary for poor children

Ranvijay always wanted to something for these children and used to teach them in his free time along with his friend but they were always short of books and stationary items. It was then that he decided to raise money to get the required stuff.

The game app which he has developed is an adventure game which involve a player in crossing various hurdles with the help of a swinging rope. The app was launched in July this year and has been downloaded many times since then. He has received a 25% return on his investments all of which has again been utilized in buying stationary and books for under privileged children.

At such a young age the determination, he carries is quite commendable. In future, Ranvijay aspires to become an entrepreneur and expand his reach to the uneducated children of the city.

Check out Rope Dash, the mobile game developed by Ranvijay:

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