CBSE Class 10 Board Exams may become Compulsory again from 2018

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cbse_class_10_board_exams_compulsory_2018The decision to re-introduce mandatory class 10 board exams by CBSE is not confirmed yet. Image courtesy:

New Delhi: One of the initiatives to be implemented by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE's) new chairman, Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi may be to make the class 10th board exams compulsory again.

Since the introduction of the Continuous and Comprehensive Education Evaluation system in 2011, CBSE had made the class 10 exams optional for students. Instead, they could just appear for the test organized by their school.

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Chaturvedi told Hindustan Times last Wednesday that in order to improve quality, the class 10 exams will be made mandatory again, especially since the state boards follow the same procedure. Since 2017 is almost here, the new rule will be implemented from 2018, said Chaturvedi. However, this development will be confirmed only after it is discussed in the next education ministers' conference.

The state boards have been pushing for CBSE to re-adopt the class 10 mandatory exam policy because the recent leniency in its evaluation system has put the state board students at a disadvantage when they compete against CBSE students for admission to universities.

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Along with the change in class 10 exams optional status, the "no-detention" policy (which allows students to be promoted to the next class even when they don't manage a passing grade) might also be scrapped.

In fact, Chaturvedi is of the view that students should be made to write descriptive answers instead of having multiple choice questions (MCQs) in their exams.

We feel that the importance of board exams for class 10 cannot be overlooked (Read: 5 reasons to opt for CBSE board exams in class 10.) What are your views? Will you welcome class 10 board exams again?

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