Pariksha Pe Charhca 2022: PM Modi interacted with students to share tips for exam

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PM Narendra Modi on Friday(April 1) addressed students at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium during the fifth edition of the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' event. He addressed the event to talk about examination-related stress with hundreds of students, parents, and teachers from across the country and even overseas, PM Modi underlined that students should not stress or panic at any point before entering the examination center.

During the discussion, PM Modi also addressed the importance of sports studies. He said, "sports teach us team spirit and help us understand the strength and weaknesses of opponents.

Pariksha Pe Charhca 2022: Top Quotes of PM Modi

#I want students to stay away from a panic environment during exams. No need to copy friends, just keep doing whatever you do with full confidence and I believe all of you will be able to give your exam in the festival mood.

#Online education is based on the principle of attaining knowledge while offline education is regarding sustaining that knowledge and practically applying it further.

#Students should introspect themselves while studying online, whether they actually study or spend time watching reels on social media.

#Whatever happens offline, the same takes place online. This means the medium is not the problem. Irrespective of the medium, if our mind is delved into the subject, then it won't make a difference in grasping things

#Appear for exams in a festive mood and without any stress.

#Technology is not a bane. We should welcome it and use it effectively.

#The consultative process for the National Education Policy has been exhaustive. People across India were consulted for this.

#Outdated ideas and policies from the 20th century can't guide our development trajectory in the 21st century. We have to change with the times.

#The unfulfilled dreams of parents and teachers can't be forced upon children. Important for each child to follow his or her dreams.

#There is no injection or formula for motivation. Instead, discover yourself better, find out what makes you happy and work on that.

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