Is online learning right for me?

Take this quick round of questions to evaluate and find out for yourself if online learning is your cup of tea!

1. When I sit down to study on my own

I get completely involved in it
I tend to day-dream, but I manage to get back on track
I can only think of food, Facebook & fun

2. If I plan to finish an assignment in 2 hours

It is usually completed in 1 hour 45 minutes
2.5 hours is as good as 2 hours, right?
There was an assignment to be completed?!

3. I want to pursue higher education because

I want to get specialised knowledge and skills in a particular domain
I just want a degree that would help me get a job
College is where you get to meet interesting people!

4. If I have to attend lectures through videoconferencing, pre-recorded videos etc.

It would be great, especially since I can repeatedly listen to the recorded lectures
I would take some time to get used to the idea of attending a class without a teacher standing in front of me!
I have zero attendance in regular campus programs, you expect me to attend an online lecture?

5. If I have to study without face to face interaction with faculty

I’d be okay as long as I can contact them through – chat/ e-mail/ phone
It might get slightly difficult to clear doubts, but I’ll manage
I’d be lost as I need a teacher in flesh and blood to hammer concepts into my head

6. The idea of using a computer and the internet for learning

Suits me as I use the internet extensively for researching for my assignments
Is slightly new to me as I go online only for social networking
Would difficult for me as I’m not very comfortable around technology and gadgets
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