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5 advantages of pursuing a BBA after your 10+2?

As a commerce student, there is a lot of anxiety about extremely high cut-offs. Since this is a widespread concern among many students, we wanted to talk about other profitable fields that one can pursue after completing 10+2.

Pursuing a BBA is one of the best things that you can go for after completing 12th grade. Here are a few reasons why:

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Exposure that matters

Owing to the nature of a BBA degree, most students make their way directly to the marketing and strategic teams. This will help you gain good exposure to market trends and strategic decision making. All of what you’ll learn will help you build a stronger business acumen, which is the ability to make splendid decisions that will benefit the company’s success rate. These skills will vastly help you stand out in the eyes of the hiring employers, giving you a broader opportunity to pursue a successful career.

Possibility of a higher remuneration

With a BBA degree, you increase your chances of having more job opportunities and more money. Especially when it comes to doing a BBA from highly profitable sectors of the country. Given the rising demand for professionals in the built environment industry, it is quite evident that a career in this sector would prove to be widely recognized and beneficial to aspirants. In India, RICS School of Built Environment is the place to go for this field! You will experience an education that will equip you with practical skills, help you gain global ideas, and prepare you for the workplaces of the future.

Help in acquiring professional skills

A BBA programme would definitely help you in acquiring professional skills at an early stage. Just after 12th, it will bring you closer to the world of management and help you grasp the knowledge of making business decisions like a true leader. If you want to become an entrepreneur, it will help you to think more precisely over different aspects of running a business. To gain tactical skills and strategic thinking is something that goes a long way in one’s career!

Becoming financially independent

If you want to pursue a career in management, the BBA programme will offer you an excellent opportunity to enter the working environment at an early stage. Thus, making you vastly financially independent. Furthermore, pursuing an MBA right after graduation would be a more expensive proposition than BBA programs.


With this degree in hand, you will have a lot of flexibility to further your education as it provides a solid base. You come out as an able professional with all the relevant skills and are ready to take over great things!

With the capacity to create a solid educational establishment and a network that lasts for a lifetime, the benefits of a bachelor’s degree are definitely long-lasting!

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