Inlaks Research Travel Grants

Inlaks Research Travel Grants assist students pursuing their PhD. degrees in the subjects of humanities and social sciences from Indian universities to undertake short visits to universities abroad to consult experts, avail facilities and obtain data useful for their area of study. The grant is funded by the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation as part of its initiative to support innovative research.

Inlaks Research Travel Grants provide financial support to Ph.D. students to carry out research, collect material, use facilities and consult experts in an institution or university abroad for up to a period of three months. As a selected candidate, the grant will cover your discounted air fare, maintenance expenses, finances for buying books and related study material along with any copies you need to make of useful literature.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the travel grant, you must be a registered Ph.D. student pursuing research in the field of Social Sciences or Humanities for at least two years and no more than four years. You must hold a first class degree in your Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, preferably both. The grant has an eligibility criterion for age, wherein you must be under 35 years of age on 31 December in the year you apply.

Programs covered under the grant

You can apply for the Inlaks Research Travel Grant if your subject area of research falls under Humanities or Social Sciences.

Application Procedure

You can download the application form from the official website of the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation. Along with general academic details about yourself, you are required to submit the following:

  1. A sample of written work on the subject of your research, preferably a draft of a chapter of your PhD thesis, carrying details like surveys, reading lists and other work you have carried out towards the thesis.
  2. Evidence of your communication and positive response received from the institution abroad.
  3. A signed statement given in writing from your PhD supervisor that states your ability and focus towards work, the progress made in your research work, how a visit to the concerned institution abroad will benefit your project, and the inability to arrange funds for the visit from any other source.

Important Dates

  • The deadline for receiving applications for the Inlaks Research Travel Grant is 1 October, 2017.
  • You must be under 35 years of age on 31 December in the year of applying.
  • You will be informed by November 2017 if short-listed for the interview. The final interviews will be held by December 2017.
  • Once awarded, you must utilise the grant within nine months of the date of award.

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