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6 things you can easily relate to if you are planning to study abroad

As students, we all must have dreamt of studying abroad once in our life, especially when we were in high school. By the time we are in the final year of graduation, we start planning for our post graduation degree. This is the time when we check universities abroad that offers quality education and placements. The whole process of applying to colleges till receiving the acceptance letter is a long process. Not to forget the number of exams that we had to give like GRE and TOEFL and once you get through, it’s like you are in the seventh heaven.


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You must have heard from your cousins studying abroad  that once you land in a foreign country to stay, you life changes completely, which is somewhat true. So, if you are planning to pack your bags and fly to a foreign land, here are 11 situations that you can relate to:

1. You are well versed with the names of the top Universities in the world but can't seem to remember all the subject-names in your final year of Graduation!

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Because life seems pretty much worthless  if you can’t make it to Havard, Yale or UPenn after you put in all the effort.

2. You have become a pro in filling up forms

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….and that holds true for both online and offline forms because the list is huge, multiple college applications, applying for loans, applying for new bank account and the list continues. Thankfully, there are few organizations that offers quick education loans without much hassle so that you can get some “me-time” amidst all the chaos.

3. You have become habituated to virtual meetings, because interviews....

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You don’t seem to remember the last time, you gave a face-to-face interview. Thanks to ISD phone calls and online interviews. Also, you remember all ISD codes from different countries now!

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4. Your parents are constantly telling you to take admission in the same University where your cousin studies in

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Thanks but no thanks! We are grown up and we know what is best for us!

5. You'd rather visit education fairs instead of partying on weekends!

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Because education fairs can help you to make your dreams of studying abroad come true. Suppose, you want to know about the best Universities to study in Australia, you can visit this education fair where representatives from 20 top colleges of Australia will be present to let you have a one-to-one conversation and get proper career counseling.

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6. Your vocabulary has improved drastically and you have started learning basic foreign languages

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Merci, Je suis fabuleux (Translated from French: Thank you, I’m fabulous!).

Can you relate to all these?  Go and share it with your friends who are planning to study abroad!!

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