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How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP) for University Applications


One of the most important documents that you need to get hold of when applying for studying abroad, be it for graduation or for post-grad courses, is your Statement of Purpose, also known as SOP.


While applying for MS in USA, a good SOP adds to your chances of getting your desired university.

This Statement of Purpose supports, enhances and adds to the weight of your application. All the universities in the United States and most of the universities across the world demand the applicants to furbish a fresh SOP. This SOP declares their intention to study as well as justifies the candidacy of the applicant.

Writing an SOP is not easy, especially for applicants who have been out of touch with writing essays. Keeping few pointers in mind and avoiding a few don’ts, drafting a Statement of purpose becomes simpler than imagined.


Here are few things to keep in mind while writing an effective Statement of Purpose:

  • Proficiency on English: Lucid language, good grammar and apt sentence construction should be the primary focus while drafting the SOP. You can use online tools to check and recheck the same.
  • Build a Story:  Mention your background and why the field you applied for is your area of interest, what your professional goals are, after pursuing this course.
  • Support the Story:  Describe your academic learning related to the applied field in detail. Mention your work experience (if any) in the related field. Write about your achievements and challenges and motivating mentors.
  • Length Matters:  Keep it crisp and readable. Use easy to breakdown sentences. A standard Statement of Purpose format has a document length of 900-1100 words.
  • Keep it Original:  The ultimate idea of writing an SOP is to create a compelling document that can convince the university that you are a deserving candidate. Make sure you write 100% original SOP.


Statement of Purpose

Here’s a list of questions you need to answer while writing a Statement of Purpose for Masters program:  

Mention what your motivation is towards the field of your choice for MS.

  1. What is the most interesting aspect of this field?
  2. What work is currently going-on in this field that interests you most?
  3. What is your long term goal (10 yrs down) and how will a MS program help you to achieve it.
  4. Mention what work you have done in your field, your current work profile, any credits received, give technical details of the work you have done. Explain how your current work has motivated you to choose this field for your MS.
  5. Give details of your BE course work, which subjects interested you the most.
  6. Explain the technical details along with; aim procedure, learning ( problems faced and how you solved them) in your final year and other mini projects and seminars( presented and attended)
  7. Give details of your co and extracurricular activities.
  8. Conclusion – state what you expect to learn from the MS program and some university specific information.

To make it simple, we’ve listed out few Statement of Purpose examples. You can download these Statement of Purpose templates to create a winning SOP for your application.

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