3 Steps To Create The Perfect Study Abroad Plan

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Have you been planning to study abroad for quite some time now? Well, it’s high time you take an action on this fantabulous plan of yours. To get started, you will have to evaluate if you really are ready to take this exciting and nurturing step of a lifetime. And to find that out, keep reading this blog which is especially composed for individuals looking to find the answer.

Studying abroad is undoubtedly one of the best experiences a student can have. However, there are so many things to consider before taking this decision. Factors like course of study, country, expenses, motive, etc. are some of the aspects that one must consider. Students spend at least one and a half year of rigorous planning to study abroad. In the beginning, it can be quite consuming but we can promise that it is worth it! Now without any further due, let’s get started to the important part – How to decide if you really are ready to study abroad?

Step One: Educate Yourself!

Who doesn’t like exploring the world? Traveling and seeing the prettiest parts of our world is a goal for almost everybody. Studying abroad is not just about going to a location that you have never been to, it’s so much more than that. The experiences, opportunities, education quality, etc. are some of the prominent points.

If you really want to go abroad for studies, you should have answers to these questions: Why study abroad? / When should I study abroad? / Where in the world should I pursue my higher education? / What are the prerequisites of the course? / What are my options for funding? / Does the country have an adaptable lifestyle?

Why Study Abroad?

Figuring out the answer to this question is easier than you think. If you have been reading or hearing enough stories abroad the lifestyle and education system abroad, you probably already have an answer to this one. Also, there are so many benefits to studying abroad. Some of the popular examples are:

  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring the country
  • Education System
  • Independent Living
  • Enhance your skills
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Additionally, studying abroad looks great on the resume which can help you build a healthy and confident career.

When Should I Study Abroad?

Determining the right moment to study abroad is crucial as it will affect your coherent state of mind. Best times to study abroad are often noted to be after completing higher secondary i.e. study abroad after 12th class or after completing your under-graduation. Studying abroad is great for expanding your existing knowledge. You can evaluate the right moment to study abroad after considering factors such as funding, qualifications, eligibility criterion, duration of the study, etc. 

Students can pursue education abroad at any point in their lives. Education in foreign countries is flexible. Study abroad programs are offered on the basis of semesters. The semesters are conducted on a seasonal basis. Summer, winter, and spring based semesters are the most commonly offered types of units in universities abroad. Deadlines and requirements are mentioned on the university websites for international students. You can apply for your preferred semester by creating a timeframe or timeline to study abroad.

Where To Study Abroad?

You need to well aware of the course to determine if the course is the right choice for you. After completely being well-equipped with course information, you must list down the countries that you think are best for your improving your knowledge. For best advice on study abroad queries like countries, college listing, courses, etc. visit /studyabroad. You can find an answer to almost every question you have regarding studying abroad on our website.

Tips for deciding a suitable destination to study abroad:

  • Select a course
  • Find potential countries
  • List down top universities
  • Elect the universities you want to enroll in

Initially, it might get confusing to find the right university. However, if you thoroughly research and have patience you can definitely figure out the university you want to enroll in. You can also approach an education counsellor to make this decision.

Read about hiring education consultants to study abroad! 

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Does The Country Have An Adaptable Lifestyle?

You can start by reading blogs or watching vlogs on YouTube to get an insight into your desired educational country. Understanding the country through real-time experiences is an affordable approach to getting a closer insight into the lifestyle of the country. You can find out about the country through various resources online and also network with people or friends who have encountered this experience. Before moving out or making the decision, acquire information about the circumstances in the country and accordingly evaluate if the country is suitable or has adjusting components to it.

Some points to help you evaluate:

  • Find the expenses category
  • Food preferences
  • Climate
  • Modes of Transportation

What Are The Prerequisites For Pursuing The Course?

After selecting the universities you want to enroll in, list down their prerequisites. Universities abroad have a certain eligibility criterion for all international students. The common documents required for prerequisites are:

  • CV/Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • English Proficiency Test (IELTS or TOEFL or PTE)
  • Academic qualification certificates
  • Passport
  • Visa

Check out the list of prerequisites according to your preferred study abroad country and course!

What Are My Options For Funding?

Since education abroad is not cheap, students often drop out of their idea to study abroad because of the funding barriers. Many students are unaware of the several options that are now available to every aspiring student to study abroad. Financial assistance through scholarships or student loans is a great way to get studying into your dream university.

Step Two: Cross-check Documents!

After educating yourself thoroughly with crucial points, let’s head towards the section of documents. As a study abroad student, you must have some of the basic documents. You will have to submit numerous sets of documents while applying to study abroad. Following mentioned are some of the commonly required documents that every student aspiring to study abroad must have:

  • Academic Qualification Certificates
  • Passport
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Passport Sized Photographs
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose

Step Three: Make the decision!

If you have all the answers and above-mentioned documents ready with you, well you are in a great a state of time to experience something extraordinary. Therefore, have no doubts for accomplishing your dream to study overseas. Going abroad for studies is a personally enhancing experience that will positively impact on your career as well.

If you have made the decision in favour of studying abroad, visit our articles section for best tips and tricks to master your study abroad experience.

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