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5 Truths You Should Know Before Moving Abroad For Studies

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Most of us think of studying abroad as an experience that is filled with every day delights. While the truth is it may be different than it is conceived to be and not in the limelight of negativity necessarily. There are some facts of studying abroad that according to us every student must know. That being said, studying abroad is indefinitely an experience one should add to their list of determined goals.

The period of living in a foreign country for education might be different every person. There is so much to learn and adapt to in such limited time. The notion of studying abroad has also become extremely popular among the crowds looking to study further. The concept is generated in the spark of productivity and development, mostly. Students go abroad with a motive to become more informed and aware of the global standing about a specific subject in general. Although, there are some points every student willing or about to pursue their higher abroad MUST KNOW!

Adaptable attitude is must!

While many may find it difficult to adjust or adapt a new surrounding the others may easily blend into the same environment. It’s important to keep your mind as open as possible, only then can you truly understand the value of studying abroad. An adaptable mindset is also a great approach for preparing to witness forthcoming experiences.


Sometimes studying abroad can make you feel vulnerable but understanding and accepting the challenge to live by yourself would an eminent choice taken by you. By doing so, you lead a future with a healthier and stronger approach.

Many of you will experience culture shock

It’s true many international students experience culture shock. But being optimistic about it is the best way to deal with it. The stages before accepting this phenomenon might be difficult to some however it’s not too long before you might actually start enjoying understanding a new culture.

Side note, if you are dealing with culture shock or are afraid that you might undergo one while living abroad here are some tips to help you with-

  • Stay Optimistic
  • Try Relating to the culture
  • Learn about the culture
  • Give it a try, it would be an experience after all

You are never fully prepared

You might be great with planning or a perfectionist but honestly, you can never be wholly prepared for living abroad. But, you don’t have to get disappointed especially because this is going to teach you about dealing with management and additionally might develop some of your other skills like communication, inter-personal and logical reasoning as well.

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The Study abroad experience differs for each person

This point might sound negative but trust me it has its many positive sides. While many instances might be similar but each person studying abroad may encounter different scenarios making it a divergent experience. Furthermore, it’s the best practice to shape your own study abroad experience. It will not only be a unique approach but also a healthy way to learn and grow.

You can always read blogs or watch videos to check out other international student experiences. Also, indulge in storing these experiences through journaling, photographs or writing it down on your blogs.

Part-time jobs are highly preferred

Part-time jobs while studying abroad is a great way to earn extra-income. Almost every country hosting international students have the opportunity of working part-time. On the basis of student-visa, international students are permitted to work 20-hours per week (working hours may differ country to country) during the semester.

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Be prepared to experience studying abroad. It is definitely going to be roller-coaster (in a good sense) so make sure to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. You should furthermore consider taking up activities that are going to benefit you.

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