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10 Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Students who are approaching foreign countries for education are always on a look to find cheapest study abroad countries. Studying abroad as we know can be expensive however, the quality of education and experience is worth the spending but how much one should spend is something one must descriptively consider. The expenses to study abroad can be acquired by applying for student loan although the amount must be payable. Another way of reducing your expenses while studying abroad is to apply for scholarships. Affordable countries to study abroad must include your education expenses like fees, stationary, projects fees and other basic expenses like your living, food and transport expenses.

Cheapest way to study abroad is to organize and plan ahead of your international educational stay, like deciding if your program is career prospective is very essential. Almost all countries in the world offer higher education facilities, however finding the cheapest study abroad destination with low cost study abroad programs in an affordable budget can be quite a task. We’re glad to inform to you that our efforts to find cheapest country to study for Indian students has been a success!Presenting the list of most affordable places to study abroad:


Germany is undoubtedly a great choice of destination to study abroad. By now, it is a known fact that some public universities of Germany have affordable study abroad programs, public universities have waived off their tuition fee by decreasing the expenses of learning for international students. The universities are also completely reliable as they provide good quality of education in English language. Including this country among one of the cheapest country to study abroad for international students is definitely not a blunder mistake.

The popular courses in Germany are Engineering, Management programs. Students have to take care of their living, food, stationary, project and transportation expenses if they manage to get into one of the public universities of Germany. It is indeed the cheapest country to study in Europe considering its average expense is as less as $8,400 a year.


Some of cheapest universities in Europe for international students are also situated in Sweden. The country is extremely pleasant to live in; the education quality is also extremely praised by students. The cost of living in Sweden is comparatively less. Students have managed to accommodate, educate and feed themselves on average of minimum $8500 a year. 


South Africa

Accommodation in the universities of South Africa is considerably affordable. Cheap study abroad programs are offered in the universities of South Africa. Students can find various facilities that might decrease their shelter and food expenses in South Africa. However, living in the first tier cities of South Africa might be expensive for students. According to statistics, the average expense of studying in South Africa is minimum $9,120 a year.



Citizens of EU or EEA countries have the facility of studying for free in some European countries including Finland. Discover Finland’s higher education and wide range of study programmes in English. The universities of Finland offer more than 500 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. A total of 13 universities  of Master program is there anf 22 universities of applied sciences are there. The living costs are also fairly affordable; the average cost of studying in Finland is minimum $9,300 a year.



Taiwan, an Asia based country is approachable for studies; it is a low cost study abroad destination. Students can find affordable accommodations with universities that provide fairly good quality of education. However, the drawback of Taiwan universities is that education programs are limited. The average cost of studying in Taiwan is minimum $9,500 a year.



Denmark is known to be one of the safest places in the world with low crime rate. Universities in Denmark have considerably low tuition fees or no tuition fees and also students have managed to accommodate themselves in as less as $10,200 a year.



The tuition fees in Austria are affordable for international students. The universities of Austria provide reliable source of education. The accommodation and public transport facilities in Austria is considerably cheap. The education institutes are considered among most affordable universities for international students. The average cost of studying in Austria is minimum $10,500 a year.


Belgium has many universities that offer education with relatively low tuition cost. The programs are also taught in the English language however, Belgium requires students to be well versed with an additional language – French, German or Dutch. You can also choose finding part-time employments for incurring your living and food expenses. According to survey, the average cost of living in Belgium is minimum $10,700 a year.


International students studying in Russia have remarkably praised the education quality in Russia. However, it is important for a student to know the Russian language as it will help them survive with better living and food facilities. The universities in Russia offer education by incurring fairly affordable tuition cost however the living and food expenses are a little more than affordability range but it is of course one the cheapest study abroad destinations where the minimum average cost of living is $11,700 a year.


Almost all Nordic countries are affordable and are therefore considered among cheapest country to study for Indian students. The universities of Norway offer free education for within or outside EU based countries making it one of the affordable countries to study abroad however, it is limited to specific programs. The programs are offered in English, also many citizens of the country are well-versed with the language. The living costs in Norway are unfortunately higher than one might expect, the food expenses are manageable. The average living cost in Norway is minimum $12,000 a year.

*Note: The above mentioned cost figures may vary depending on the university, it can also be stated that the cost might change depending the currency value. One must note that the costs mentioned are excluding your application process fee or are the costs after the students arrives in the country.

Studying abroad in total is expensive but when managed with extreme care it is affordable. To live and study in affordable country, a student must be extremely aware of their financial spending. Other cheapest ways to study abroad is to save or manage living abroad is finding part-time jobs or internships that pay or cover your basic expenses of living abroad.  

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