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20 most beautiful universities in the world

The “Most Beautiful Universities in the World” is a book that features more than 30 universities across the world that have magnificent architecture and graceful design. The book is full of stunning photographs of these universities, captured by Guillaume de Laubier who is a photographer specializing in interior design, architecture, and lifestyle.

We looked up a few of the featured universities and were blown away by the sheer beauty of their buildings and campuses! Here are 20 of them. Studying in a beautiful university is a very valid reason to study abroad! Just saying.

1. University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Established in 1386, the University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany and is a public research university. It must be mentioned here that there are 56 Nobel laureates that share a connection with this university or the city of Heidelberg.

Image courtesy:

2. University of Rostock (Germany)

The 3rd oldest university in Germany, this is a multidisciplinary university offering an excellent research climate in all fields, from humanities to natural sciences and engineering or life sciences.

Detail of the central building, Image courtesy:, Darkone

3. McGill University Montreal (Canada)

Established in 1821, this university has 24% of its students coming from 150+ countries, making it one of the most diverse universities of Canada. McGill is Canada’s best medical-doctoral university and is ranked 24th in the world (QS World University Rankings 2015.)

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Image courtesy:

4. College de Valleyfield (Canada)

This is a college of general and vocational education (CEGEP) in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec and is considered one of the most beautiful technical education schools in Quebec.

Image courtesy:

5. Tsinghua University, Beijing (China)

Set up in 1911, this public research university is among the best in China and is known in China and abroad for its beautiful campus. It was also selected as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world by a panel of architects and campus designers in Forbes in 2010.

Sculptural artworks on the campus of the Tsinghua University. Image courtesy: wikipedia commons

6. University of Aarhus (Denmark)

Denmark’s largest and second oldest (since 1928) university, the University of Aarhus’s main building is considered as one of the twelve most significant architectural works in the cultural history of Denmark.

Image courtesy:

7. University of Salamanca (Spain)

This is one of the top ranked universities of Spain and and is particularly noted for its language, laws and economics courses.

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The magnificent library of the University of Salamanca in Spain, Image courtesy:

8. University of California, Berkeley CA (USA)

The University of California (UC) in Berkeley, California always features among the top 5 in the USA as well as the world. Its faculty, alumni and researchers have won 72 Nobel prizes, 11 Pulitzer prizes and many other prestigious awards.

The Sather Tower which is the center of UC Berkeley, Image courtesy:

9. Harvard University, Cambridge MA (USA)

The oldest institute in the USA and one of the most prestigious in the world, Harvard University’s alumni include 8 US Presidents, 150 Nobel laureates and many other notable personalities.

The Harvard University campus. Image courtesy:

10. Stanford University, Stanford CA (USA)

Another top-ranking university from the USA, the Stanford University has a huge (8180 acres) and beautiful campus.

Image courtesy:

11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA (USA)

This private, residential, research university, better known as MIT has a unique sense of architecture, as can be seen from many of its buildings.

Simmons Hall, MIT's most expensive hostel, built in 2002 and well-known for its beautiful and unique aesthetics. Image courtesy:

12. Princeton University, Princeton NJ (USA)

The university’s campus has buildings that are renowned for their architecture and was voted by the Travel+Leisure magazine as one of the most beautiful in 2011. The photograph here is of a study pod located in Princeton University’s Carl Icahn lab that is nicknamed “the Whale.” Innovative architecture, indeed!

Image courtesy:

13. University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA (USA)

Founded in 1819 by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia’s (UVA) main building, the “Rotunda” (in pic below) is the most recognizable symbol of the university and is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. In fact it is the first collegiate “World Heritage Site” in the world.

Image courtesy:

14. The US Military Academy, West Point NY (USA)

Also known as “The Academy” or “The Point”, this American military academy is a national landmark with many historic buildings, making it a popular tourist destination. Alumni from the academy include two Presidents of the USA!

Image courtesy:

15. Yale University (USA)

Listed as one of the most beautiful college campus by the Travel+Leisure magazine in 2011, the Yale University is home to many iconic buildings like the Ingalls Rink by Eero Saarinen, the Art and Architecture Building by Paul Rudolph, and Louis Kahn’s Art Gallery and British Art Center.

Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University; Image courtesy:

16. University of Montpellier Sud de France (France)

This French public research university, established in 1289, is one of the oldest in the world, yet age does not diminish the beauty of its building and campus!

University of Montpellier, Faculty of Medicine, the worlds oldest medical school still in operation. (Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

17. Polytechnic School Paristech (France)

Known is French as the Ecole Polytechnique, this engineering school is also popularly known as just “X”.

Ecole Polytechnique France seen from lake
The main hall of the Ecole Polytechnique as seen from across the lake. Image courtesy: Wikipedia

18. Sorbonne University, Paris (France)

This French public university has 12 campuses across the city of Paris.

Check out what a beauty the Sorbonne Library is! Image

19. Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Ireland’s leading university is as beautiful as its country!

Image courtesy:

20. University of Bologna (Italy)

Established in 1088, the university is considered to be the oldest in the world.


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