Top 10 Engineering Colleges for Indian Students to Study Abroad



A career in engineering is challenging and exciting at the same time. It engages in continuous learning as it plays a vital in contributing to society and the natural world. It is a profession that is worthy of its importance and when you succeed in the field, the results you achieve can be extremely satisfying.

Engineering is responsible for the technological advancements and its presence can be felt everywhere. The following are the top 10 universities in the world for engineering students who want to study abroad.

Top engineering universities in the world 2017

1. California Institute of Technology

Leading this list is Caltech or California Institute of Technology in the United States. The Institute Academic Council is a very small executive committee which conducts a meeting once a month and discusses issues about recruiting, salaries, funding and promotions. The best thing about Caltech is that the student-teacher ratio is 3:1 which means that there are plenty of teachers for the number of students who study in Caltech. 

2. Stanford University

Stanford University is ranked number 2 in this list because it has a lot to offer. Spanning across 8000 acres, Stanford University has one of the biggest campuses it has to offer. Stanford University is identified for its entrepreneurial spirit.


Although, students from this University have to study a lot they also have a great time by having fun or having a great social life by taking part in sports and also taking part in annual traditions where students get to be involved in a lot of fun activities.

3. University of Oxford

With over 20,000 students, Oxford University is one of those ideal universities to study abroad as it is the oldest university in English speaking countries. Located in England, UK, Oxford University has 30 self governing constituent colleges and an entire range of academic departments that are divided into four divisions.


This university has a lot of Indian students and it ranks at number 4 when it comes to the number of students studying in this university. Oxford is also known for the Rhodes scholarship which is very popular as it is one of the world’s oldest and prominent scholarships. There is no main campus at Oxford so all the buildings and facilities is scattered throughout the city centre. The University of Oxford is also well known for its impression in the world of pop culture as there are a lot of films that have been shot here such as the Harry Potter series of films.

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4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Ranked 4 in this list of best engineering colleges for Indian students to study abroad is MIT but when it comes to the overall ranking, MIT stands at number 1. It has been in the number 1 spot in overall ranking for five consecutive years i.e. from 2013 to 2016 and it is ranked among the top five engineering colleges where study can opt to study abroad.

This University is also known for conducting various researches on electromagnetic and climate change. MIT has contributed a lot when it comes to technology and the advancement of digital age as it has achieved great heights in modern computing and networking technologies.

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5. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is often compared with Oxford University because of its similarities. The University Cambridge has 31 colleges and was founded by a group of scholars at Oxford in the year 1209.


Affiliates from this university have won 90 Nobel prizes which is the most number of Nobel prizes from around the world. The two universities in England are often referred together as Oxbridge. There are over 100 libraries here and you can find a lot of books to refer for your studies. For Indian students who wish to study abroad, Cambridge has a lot to offer for them as this university also provides scholarships specifically for Indian students such as the Manmohan Singh doctoral UG scholarship that was introduced in the year 2013. Students can participate in a wide range of sports such as the fives and tennis. Similar to Oxford University, it is also known for making an impact in the world of pop culture as several movies such as The Theory of Everything and  and TV shows have been filmed in this University.

6. Princeton University

Princeton University at the United States is often known for its diverse and everlasting number of courses it has to offer.


The tuition fee is much less here and it also provides quality education. When it comes to studying abroad, Indian students can opt for this University for not just better education but also the type of social life it has to offer. Social life is much different here as there are a lot of people from different races and different backgrounds who study in this University. This University is also known for ‘The Triangle club’ which is singing and dancing group that performs musical comedy. The club became so famous that they started touring all over USA.

7. Imperial College London

Imperial College London attracts students from over 125 countries it primarily focuses on four different fields such as engineering, medicine, science and business.


Ranked number 7 on this list, Imperial College has achieved excellence in education and is familiar for its excellence in Research. Fun fact, the Silver Athena Swan award in this college recognises women who advance in the field of engineering, science, technology, medicine and maths for employment in higher education and research.

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8. National University of Singapore


The world’s 8th best university in engineering is the best performing university in Asia. Founded in the year 1905, it is the oldest university in Singapore. Every year, there are over 35000 students who get enrolled in this University and it also provides ‘needs-blind admission’ which means it will provide assistance to a student only if he/she proves to be an excellent student.

9. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

The Swiss Federal Government founded this university in the year 1854. Their objective was to educate scientists and engineers and it is well known for its contribution to the field of technology and science. There’s also a hub dedicated solely for the scientific community and the industry so that they interact with each other.


There are 21 Nobel prize winners from this institute, the most popular being Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr who both won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Normally, Switzerland is a country that offers higher pay and lower taxes and graduating from ETH Zurich is the best options for Indian students who want to study there. Transport facilities are pretty great and students will have an amazing experience when it comes to exploring European cities or countries as it has amazing landscapes. For instance, it takes only 2 hours from Switzerland to go to France or Italy.

10. University of California, Berkley

University of California, Berkley (UCB) is well known for its highly respected faculty in engineering and it comprises of many terrific researchers in its alumni. The engineers from UC, Berkley are responsible for making microelectronics that was used in creating Silicon Valley.


They are also responsible for creating exemplary structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam. Since then, UC, Berkley develop new advancements in technology till this day. Social life here is pretty strong and students can take part in sport activities such as American football. Overall, UC Berkley will test you and will develop your individuality as a whole. Therefore by the end of graduation you will be guaranteed to have a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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