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Dos and Don’ts in Canada

Every country has its own manners and social do’s and dont’s. Canada too has its own do’s and dont’s.The following do’s and dont’s in Canada are listed below:

  • Handshaking predominates as the normal mode of greeting. Close friends often exchange kisses on the cheeks, particularly in French-speaking areas.
  • Punctuality is greatly revered in Canada. However, people are more relaxed in the French speaking region.
  • Do not eat while walking in public. Plan your time so you can stop in a caf? or restaurant to enjoy your snack.
  • Try to avoid being overly familiar and making too much body contact
  • Codes of practice for visiting homes are the same as in other Western countries: flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine are common gifts for hosts, and dress is generally informal and practical according to climate. It is common for black tie and other required dress to be indicated on invitations.
  • Smoking has been banned in most public areas. Most restaurants, theaters and cinemas, if they permit smoking, have large ‘no smoking’ areas.
  • You cannot import firearms, explosives, endangered species of animals and plants, animal products, meat, dairy, food and plant material is subject to certain restrictions and formalities.

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