Bachelor Courses in China

In China various Universities, Colleges and Professional Schools of higher education offer bachelor degree, diploma and certificate courses. The Universities in China ensure quality teaching, learning, scientific schoolwork and social services to the students in Bachelor or undergraduate degree programs. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the most sought after course in China. The duration of this course is usually 7 years, starting right after the high school.

  • School of Business, Wenzhou University
    International Economy and Trade
    Information Management and Information System
    Business Administration

  • School of Law and Politics
    Social Work
    Political and Moral Education
    Legal Science

  • School of Education
    Primary Education
    Preschool Education

  • School of Physical Education
    Sports Education
    Social Sports

  • School of the Humanities
    Chinese Language and Literature

  • School of Foreign Languages

  • School of Music
    Music Performance

  • School of Art and Design
    Fine Arts Study
    Artistic Design
    Engineering Design

  • School of Mathematics and Information Science
    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    Information and Computation Science

  • School of Physics and Electronic Information
    Educational Techniques Study
    Electronic Information Science and Technology
    Electronic Information Engineering
    Communication Engineering

  • School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering
    Applied Chemistry
    Materials Science and Project
    Chemical Engineering and Techniques

  • School of Life and Environmental Science
    Biological Technology
    Environmental Science
    Biological technology

  • School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering and Automation
    Industrial Engineering
    Servicing of Car Project

  • School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Network Engineering

  • School of Architecture and Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Project Management

  • School of Fashion
    Dress Designing and Project

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