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Cost of Study in Dubai

Cost of Study in Dubai | Study Abroad | Study in Dubai

  • Tuition Fees for an undergraduate program in Dubai  ranges between 37500 to 70000 AED per year and the Living Expenses Ranges between 2600 to 3900 AED per year.

  • Tuition Fes for a postgraduate program in Dubai ranges between 55000 to 75000 AED per year and the Living Expenses ranges between 2600 to 3900 AED pe year.

  • Tuition fees for academic program on an average would be approximately USD 12000 to USD 18000 for the program.

  • Dubai is an expensive city in which to live and the cost of living is relatively high i.e. approximately USD 1200 per month which includes rent, food, entertainment, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Tuition Fee in Dubai

  • A tuition fee for an undergraduate program, on an average is about AED 173,400. While the fees for a graduate program approximately lies from AED 54,800 to 82,200.

  • Scholarships for international students are made available by the Dubai Government and also the Universities in Dubai. A main criterion for getting a scholarship is to exemplary academic results.

  • Students can also take a study loan or look for sponsors to fund his/ her education.

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