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Admission Procedure for Studying in France

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The application & admission process for universities in France - A guide for Indian students

There are two ways to apply to institutes in France:

  1. Request for preliminary admission (DAP)

    You must file this request (DAP) with the culture and cooperation service of the French embassy in India (, in case you’ve completed 10+2 and want to pursue your bachelors degree from a French university. The DAP process begins in January every year.

  2. Post-bac admissions

    You need to apply through post-baccalaureat admission process if you are planning to purse higher studies from a non-university (eg: IUTs, STSs, CPGEs etc.

The French Embassy in India provides scholarships to Indian students who wish to follow their higher education in France. It is important to know however that most of the schools and universities in France do not require Indian students to give the TOEFLIELTSor any other English proficiency exam. Moreover, even for some master level courses in Management like Masters in International Business, Masters in business Communication, Masters in Net Management, Masters in Marketing Management, NGO Management, GMAT is not required. However, for an MBA course, GMAT is mandatory.

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Application to universities situated abroad is not an easy process. It involves time, careful planning and considerable finances on the part of students who wish to study abroad. As a set rule, if a student wishes to enter a university in the Fall semester (August/September) then she or he should start the applications process in June/July of the previous year.

Admission Procedure

Foreign students holding a foreign Secondary School-Leaving Certificate must comply with the following admission requirements:

  • Students must hold the Baccalaureate or a diploma giving access to higher education in their country.
  • For the first registration in 1st cycle, preliminary application files are collected from French Embassies between 1 Dec. and 15 Jan. of the preceding academic year.
  • A birth certificate, degree certificate and transcripts are necessary.

Health requirements include:

  • 3 photos
  • medical certificate

Language requirements include:

  • Foreign students must hold either the DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française), or pass TCF DAP (test de connaissance du français pour une demande d’admission préalable) to register for a 1st university cycle.
  • or foreign students must clear another test of French as a foreign language for other higher education institutions or registration to higher university levels.

Application Procedure

Student will have to apply to universities and let the The President or Director of the university to which the student is applying, will decide on the recognition of diplomas/degrees on the basis of the recommendation of an education committee.It is advisable that students visit The French Information Resource Centre at the Embassy of France in Delhi or at the Alliances Francaises in their respective city, so as to get help in selection of courses and Institutes suitable for one’s background.

After being advised by one of the French Information Resource Centres, the candidate should directly contact the selected university to get a provisional admission form, fill out the form and send the same along with attachments to the university. The university will decide on the academic background based on the recommendations of an education committee and will decide at which level the candidate can qualify to enter. The student will receive a letter of confirmation from the university that can be used to apply for a long-stay student resident visa.

For admission to a “Grande Ecole”, the student will have to appear for a competitive exam – “Concours”. The exam is held in France. Students can apply and obtain a special three-month competitive exam visa (visa concours). Also, the student will be entitled to a residence permit to take the course you have been admitted to after you clear the exam.

When to apply?

The academic year in France starts in September or October. Some institutions may also enroll students for spring, summer or winter semesters as well. You can ask for application forms from the universities or from the French Embassy in Delhi between November 15 and January 15. The completed application forms along with all attachments must reach the university by 1st February.

Documents Required:


  • Confirmed admission letter from French University/school
  • Final admission letter – unconditional
  • Proof of Accommodation in France
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Overseas Medical Insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Academic Degree Certificate
  • Resume
  • Valid Passport

How much it costs?

Tuition fees at universities are very nominal and can vary between FF 800 to FF 4500 per annum. At the Grandes Ecoles the fee ranges between FF 25000 to FF 100000 per annum. 

Please note that the above costs are indicative and can vary from person to person and between universities.


The students who complete Secondary School in France receive a diploma known as the Baccalaureat. That entitles them to enter University. There are two different type of education institutes you can choose from Universities and Grandes Ecoles (Described as competitive Institutes). There are about 87 University and over 300 Grandes Ecoles in France. The university covers all disciplines and trains student for research. The Grande Ecoles take in lower number of students in areas that have a direct career applicability. These can be either Public or Private institutions.

  1. The National Degree: 3 yrs of Bachelors degree (Licence).
  2. Master Degree: 1 or 2 yrs
  3. Institution Degree: 3 to 4 yrs for Bachelor, 1 yr for Master Degree

The Grandes Ecoles take in a lower number of students after a rigorous selection process and offer courses that specializes students in area that have direct career applicability. The Grandes Ecoles you have to appear for competitive exams. After selection the school or institute will tell you how to go ahead for processing our application.

Application closing dates

For non-university level (technical/vocational type) studies:1 st April

For university level studies:15 th January

For advanced/doctoral studies:1 st April

Important Dates

  1. November 15 and January 15

    It is the best time to seek provisional admission. The form is available from the Cultural, Scientific and Technical Section of the French Embassy or directly from the university, as the case may be.

  2. February 1

    The form should be duly completed and accompanied by required documents to the office from which it was obtained. You may apply simultaneously to several universities. The universities will give you an answer within two months. For Post Graduate Studies, the individual should contact directly the selected academic institutions to get provisional admission and other useful information about selection, fees, programs, etc. The academic year usually runs from September to June.

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