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Study Expenditure in France

The tuition fees and cost of study in France may vary as follows:

  • For a student wanting to pursue undergraduate program in France, the living expenses may be somewhere between 10000 -18000 EURO/Year, and the tuition fees may be somewhere between 1000 – 7000 EURO.
  • For a student wanting to pursue post graduate program in France, the living expenses may be somewhere between 18000 -30000 EURO/Year, and the tuition fees may be somewhere between 7000 – 300,000 EURO.

International students wishing to study in France may wish to explore and thereafter avail of various types of financing available.

Students from India can avail education loans at attractive rates of interest from private sector and public sector banks. Financial aid is also provided by the public universities, Grand Écoles and the French government. Students also have the option of working while studying.


Grants and Aid


French Government Grants: Grant applications are handled by the cultural service of French embassies abroad. For more information, contact the cultural service of the French embassy in your country, as well as the web site of the French ministry of foreign affairs.

Links are given below:

    • Website:
    • For Mumbai:
    • French Consulate in Pondicherry:
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Grants by Own Country’s Government


Many private foundations and educational institutions do offer financial aid for assisting students, wishing to study abroad or study in France in particular.
UGC can be contact in this regard.

Grants from International and Non-governmental Organizations


For more information: UNESCO publishes a directory of grants in its publication: 


Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise is an educational organization with a nonprofit cultural goal. For over a century, it has been offering opportunities to people all around the world to discover French culture. Since 1883, the worldwide network has exposed several thousands of students from different origins to French civilization and language.

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