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Courses Offered in France

Popular courses in FranceM.B.A., IT, Engineering, Art & Design

The National Degree3 yrs of Bachelors degree (Licence); 1 or 2 yrs for Master Degree.

Institution Degree: 3 to 4 yrs for Bachelor, 1 yr for Master Degree

Ranking: There is no official Ranking System in France. The student can take admission in university, Grandes Ecoles, or the Advanced Studies centers. There is no official system of equivalences between French and foreign degrees. Paris by no means has a monopoly on French higher education.

Intake: The academic year in France starts in September or October. Some institution may also enroll students for Spring, Summer or Winter semesters as well.

UniversitiesThe minimum requirement for admission to any university course is the French higher secondary Certificate (baccalauréat) or an equivalent qualification. Universities offer theoretical practical and job-oriented courses and train students for research in all disciplines – humanities, social sciences, law, economics, management, natural sciences, medicine, pharmacology, technology, arts political sciences…).

The Competitive InstituteThese distinguished and meritorious schools groom students in specific areas, such as engineering or business management.

Advance Study Centres: There are large numbers of advanced centers offering specialization in various other fields including, architecture, agriculture, public administration… Admission to all the above institutions is on merit and the numbers of enrolments are limited. For international students, admission is subject to the recognition of your qualifications by the concerned institution.

Courses of Study and medium of instruction

Students have a choice when it comes to the medium of instruction. They can choose to learn either in English or in French as courses are offered in both languages. Some of the popular courses include:


  • Medicine
  • Geography
  • Pharmacology
  • Art History
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • European and Mediterranean Cultures
  • Communication technology
  • Information Technology
  • French Studies
  • International Business Administration
  • Film Studies
  • Global Communications
  • Finance
  • International Finance
  • Literary Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • Psychology
  • International Economics
  • International and Comparative Politics

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