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Important Words and Phrases in French

The French are a very proud race of people, the Parisians even more so than most and their language is one thing they are extremely proud and protective of. Making an effort to speak a few words in French, (even if it is only hello, please, thank you and goodbye) will make a huge difference.

  • Hello Mrs./Mr./Miss- Bonjour Madame / Monsieur / Mademoiselle- Bonjour Madame / Monsieur / Mademoiselle(Pronounced as Boh(n)-zhoor mah-dahme/ muh-syuhr/ mah-dah-mwa-sell)

  • Good evening- Bon soir- (Pronounced as Boh(n) swarh)

  • Hi (informal)- Salut(Pronounced as Sah-loo)

  • Excuse me- Pardon(Pronounced as Par-doh(n))

  • Excuse me- Excusez-moi(Pronounced as Ex-kyou-say mwa)

  • Please- S’il vous plaît(Pronounced as Seal voo play)

  • Thank you- Merci(Pronounced as Mare-see)

  • very much- bien(Pronounced as bee-ya(n))

  • You’re welcome- Je vous en prie(Pronounced as Zhuh vooz ahn pree)

  • Do you speak English?- Parlez-vous anglais?(Pronounced as Par – lay vooz ah(n)-glay?)

  • I speak a little French- Je parle un peu français(Pronounced as Zhuh parl uhn peh frahn-say)

  • I’m here on vacation- Je suis là pour vacance(Pronounced as Zhuh swee lah poor vac-kahwnse)

  • I’m here for work- pour travail(Pronounced as …..poor trav-eye)

  • I don’t understand- Je ne comprends pas(Pronounced as Zhuh nuh comp-rond pah)

  • Please speak slowly- Parlez lentement, s’il vous plaît(Pronounced as Par-lay lawn-teh-mont, seal voo play)

  • How do you say ____ in French?- Comment dit-on ____ en français?(Pronounced as Come-ahn deet-on ____ ahn frahn-say?)

  • Yes- Oui(Pronounced as Wee)

  • Yeah (informal)- Ouais(Pronounced as Way)No- Non(Pronounced as No)

  • Where are the restrooms?- Où sont les toilettes ?(Pronounced as Oo soh(n) lay  twa-let?)

  • Where is the hotel?- Où est l’hôtel?(Pronounced as Oo ay low-tell?)

  • Where is the hospital?- Où estl’hôpital?(Pronounced as Oo ay low-pea-tahl?)

  • Where is the beach?- Où estla plage?(Pronounced as Oo ay lah plah-sheh?)

  • Where is the airport?- Où est l’aéroport?(Pronounced as Oo ay lare-oh-pour?)

  • Where is the bank?- Où est la banque?(Pronounced as Oo ay lah bahn-kh)

  • Sorry to bother you- Excusez-moi de vous déranger(Pronounced as Ek-sku-zay mwa duh voo day-rah(n)-zhay)

  • but I have a problem- mais j’ai un problème(Pronounced as may zhay uh(n) proh-blem)

  • Can you help me?- Pouvez-vous m’aider?(Pronounced as Poo-vay voo meh – day?)

  • Would you take our/my picture, please?- Est-ce que vous prendrez notre/ma photo, s’il vous plaît?(Pronounced as Esk-kuh voo pren-dray noh-tra/mah foh-toh, seal voo play?)

  • I would like- Je voudrais(Pronounced as Zhuh voo dray)

  • How much?- Combien?(Pronounced as Cohm bee-e(n)?)

  • Do you take foreign [credit] cards?- Est-ce que vous acceptez les cartes étrangères?(Pronounced as Es-kuh vooz ack-sep-tay lay cartz ay-trahn-jer-ay?)

  • It’s too expensive!- C’est trop riche!(Pronounced as Say trohp reesh!)

  • I am looking for- Je cherche(Pronounced as Zhuh shairsh)

  • Here- Ici(Pronounced as Ee-see)

  • It’s here! (there it is!)- C’est là!(Pronounced as Say lah!)

  • Let’s go!- Allez vous-en(Pronounced as Ah-lay vooz- ahn)

  • It’s great!- C’est choette!(Pronounced as Say shwet!)

  • It’s good- C’est bon(Pronounced as Say bohn)

  • It’s bad- C’est mal(Pronounced as Say mahl)

  • It’s terrible- C’est terrible(Pronounced as Say tare-ee-bleh)

  • I have a headache- J’ai mal de tête(Pronounced as Zhay mahl deh teht)

  • I have a stomach ache- au ventre/ au coeur(Pronounced as oh vahn-trah/ oh couhr)

  • Goodbye (until we see each other again)- Au revoir(Pronounced as Ah reh-vwarh)

  • Goodbye (see you later/see you at another hour/later on the same day)- À tout à l’heure(Pronounced as Ah toot ah luhr)

  • Goodbye (forever/ I’m never going to see you again)- Adieu(Pronounced as Ah-dyooh)

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