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Admission Process to Study in Malaysia

PR 15 023

Following steps must be carried out for the process of admission

Admission Procedure Step 1

Students are required to fax or email academic qualifications to the concerned college/university for initial approval.

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Admission Procedure Step 2

Student Application Form (signed & dated at the back by student and parent/guardian)Once the college/university receives your fax or email, they reply within 3 working days. If your application is approved, you will need to submit the formal application that includes the following:

  • Passport size photos 7 copies (blue background)
  • Certified copies of the secondary and/or tertiary academic results, i.e. certificates, academic transcripts, etc. If your copies are not in English, please include an English translation.
  • Syllabus of previous studies if seeking for exemptions/advance standing 1 set of photocopied passport (ALL PAGES including blank pages).
  • Please ensure at least a one-year validity of your passport.
  • General medical report from home country (No need for blood test report but just a simple health check from your doctor).
  • Please take note that NO PAYMENT is required at this stage. All other fees to be paid are notified at later stages.

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Admission Procedure Step 3

Upon receiving these documents, the respective college/university will release the acceptance package, that will couriered to the agent. The package includes the following:

  • Offer letter
  • Offer response and payment advice form
  • Course fee refund policy
  • Student’s copy
  • Office copy
  • Accommodation booking form
  • Arrival services form

Admission Procedure Step 4

Once the above is received, all required documents will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department for Student Visa application. Usually this process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Admission Procedure Step 5

Once the Student Visa is approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department, concerned college/university will fax/email and courier the Student Visa Approval Letter to the student.

Admission Procedure Step 6

The student shall then proceed to the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate stated on the visa letter to obtain a Single Entry Visa and arrange for flights. The student can submit their Arrival services form once flight details are confirmed.

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Admission Procedure Step 7

Once student arrives at the college/university, all outstanding payments are to be settled then students will be required to take a medical test at the appointed medical clinic. Thereafter, the student’s passport and medical report will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department to endorse their Student Pass into Multiple Entry Student Pass in the passport. This process takes about 3-4 weeks.

Multiple Entry Student Pass is usually valid for 1 year and renewable every year at a minimal cost (depending on the country of origin of student). The university will assist students to renew their Student Pass.

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