Masters in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the most sought after fields in the world and also an emerging field of study. Specializations in this field are mostly either hardware or software-related. Masters in Computer Engineering is one of the highest pursued disciplines in the world. The program focuses to develop the implementation and designing of computers. As a field of study and profession, Computer Engineering is evolving by exploring various parts of the system.masters-in-computer-engineering

Master’s degree in Computer Engineering is a postgraduate level course that aims to provide engineering students with computer technology, design, hardware and software, networks and communications, cybersecurity, and other primary elements such as programming, computer languages, and software engineering of modern equipment. As a postgraduate level program, the course studies various detailed aspects of the subject providing expats with thorough knowledge about the system. Studying this course abroad holds a great extent of potential and capabilities that will further result in growth and impressive Masters in Computer Engineering salary packages.

Masters in Computer Engineering syllabus:

  • Computation and Algorithms

  • Computer Architecture

  • Cyber Security Systems

  • Data and Network Science

  • Database Technology

  • Data Mining

  • Advanced Networks

  • Microprocessor Based System Design

Masters in Computer Engineering course details:

  • Post-graduation in Computer Science course duration is 1 or 2 years abroad

  • This course is available in both full-time and part-time basis. Online education or distance learning is offered by universities although it must be noted that on-campus learning is highly preferred

  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Engineering is commonly offered at universities for post-graduation level knowledge

  • Specialized subjects of this field include Hardware and Computer Architecture, Computer Networks and Communications, Software and Cyber Security



  • Electrical and Computer Engineering programs are often offered combined at universities abroad

Masters in Computer Engineering Course Fees:

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in Computer Engineering abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in Computer Engineering tuition fees in the United Kingdom, The United States of America and Canada –

CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 25,000 – USD 40,000
USAUSD 30,924 – USD 63,254
Canada USD 21,084 – USD 42,169

Masters in Computer Engineering requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

  • CV/Resume

  • English proficiency test: IELTS or PTE or TOEFL

  • Entrance exam GRE is mandatory for some universities

  • Letter of Recommendation for university admission application

  • Statement of Purpose for visa

Best countries to pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering abroad:

United States of America

Computer Science in the USA is probably one of the most sought after degrees. MS in Computer Science in USA is offered at many universities that are top or best known for this specific field of study. Engineering schools in the USA are known to offer individuals with high quality information that are beneficial for professional lives. Studying this course in USA will also lead to many professional opportunities in this leading lifestyle country.To enroll for Masters in Computer Engineering in USA entrance exam GRE is required, along with one of the English proficiency test, IELTS or TOEFL scores. More information regarding prerequisites for international students is provided on the precise college website, if not communicate with the university through mentioned contact details. USA is an expensive country for education. MS and MA programs in this country offer many opportunities that lead to wonderful experiences in the international, muti-cultural living. For financial assistance scholarships are offered that can be obtained either through generic method or applying on university or program specific scholarship is also an efficient way of dealing with funding. Education loans are also offered at many institutions.

United Kingdom

The UK offers many programs and has best known universities for Computer Engineering. Studying this course at some of the renowned universities is bound to create extensive range of knowledge. Lifestyle in United Kingdom is also known for improving personalities therefore undoubtedly pursuing this program will lead to wonderful experiences ahead. The range of syllabus in context with the subject is bound to expand knowledge of students.Admission requirements for Masters in Computer Engineering in UK include English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores, Entrance exam GRE may be a mandatory requirement at some universities in this country. Detailed list of prerequisites are offered on the website of precise university. Cost of living and tuition fee in the UK is high therefore having a secure funding prior to moving abroad for studies is necessary. Masters in Computer Engineering scholarships are offered at some universities. Student loans are one of the most sought after option for higher education by majority of aspiring expats.


Computer Engineering courses in Canada are pursued by Indian students. The course structure focuses on providing primary to advanced level information to students that will further help them with professional lives. Canada is also a country that offers many facilities that are student friendly and is also a safe environment to study in.Masters in Computer Engineering in Canada admission requirements include English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE scores are accepted, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is mandatory. Information related to prerequisites abroad may differ therefore communicating the precise university is highly suggested. Scholarships are offered at some universities in this country that scholastic students can highly benefit from. Education loans cover most of the basic expenses for international living. Cost of living and tuition fees in this country can be expensive depending on the region the university is situated.


Germany offers best engineering related courses. Other than mechanical courses, advanced computer engineering courses are also highly acclaimed in this country. Germany has many universities therefore students usually experience a competitive environment learning and exploring new options are part of experiencing education in Germany.To enroll in universities of Germany for this program primary admission requirement such as English proficiency test TOEFL or IELTS scores, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, CV/Resume, or Letter of recommendation is required. As any international student requirements may vary from university to university communicating with your desired university is advised.Some public universities in Germany offer education by obtaining no tuition fees regardless of education in this country is the most cost-efficient of all. Education loans and scholarships are also provided to students aspiring to study abroad.

Top universities to pursue a Masters in Computer Engineering:

  • Massachusetts University of Technology, USA

  • Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • California Institute of Technology, UK

  • University of Cambridge, UK

  • University of St. Andrews, UK

  • University of Ottawa, Canada

  • University of Toronto, Canada

  • Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Masters in Computer Engineering career prospects:

  • Computer Programmer

  • Computer Architect

  • Web Developer

  • Computer User Support Specialist

  • Web Developer

  • Hardware and Software related departments

Is Masters in Computer Engineering worth it?

This course is pursued by many students, especially because of the availability of jobs for Masters in Computer engineering. Master’s degree in Computer Engineering salary abroad is also offered at good packages. The course is worth pursuing only if the student absolutely enjoys learning aspects of this subject. There is always a scope of learning and growth in this area of profession. 

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