Abroad Courses in Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering as a collective subject works on optimization of complex processes and designs. With the help of applications from subjects like science, mathematics also engineering elements helps industrial discipline function to its maximum best. Masters in Industrial Engineering is a course that focuses to deliver knowledge related to improvisation or productivity of systems either physical or social empirical.


Is Masters in Industrial Engineering worth it?

The practice of industrial engineering also known as IE has changed with time now focusing on time management, elimination of wastage in terms of time, money, resources and energy. IE has brought better functioning capabilities in factories and administrations improving productivity and profitability. Supply chain management, a specialized subject also aims to achieve a similar notion with its pedagogy and resources. However, the curriculum of IE is expansive. It has a coursework that studies elements in operations research, statistics and applied Industrial Engineering. Learning all about the process, applications and management is a deliberate factor of studying this program abroad.

Masters in Industrial Engineering course details:

  • The duration of post graduation in Industrial Engineering is mostly 2 years. One-year courses are also obtainable at some universities abroad
  • Post graduation degree is majorly offered either as Masters of Science i.e. MS in Industrial Engineering or Masters of Science degree of Engineering i.e. MSE in Industrial Engineering
  • Both on-campus learning and distance/online learning is provided for Masters level degree in this program
  • Full-time courses are most preferred for this course. Regardless, part-time courses are often opted by international students
  • Examples of specializations in IE include Quality and Reliability Engineering, Cost Engineering, Operations Research and Decision Science, Human Factors, Logistics Management, Service Systems, Production and Manufacturing Systems, etc.

MS in Industrial Engineering syllabus:

  • Supply Chain Management and Design
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Stochastic Models
  • Advanced Production Planning and Control
  • Warehouse Systems
  • Other elective subjects

Masters in Industrial Engineering entry requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in IE or any related curriculum
  • Entrance exam GRE is necessary for applications in USA based universities
  • English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL or PTE scores
  • Letter of Recommendation (at least 3)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • CV/Resume

Best countries to pursue Masters in Industrial Engineering:


Industrialization is a diverse part of Canada, pursuing this course here among world-class universities is bound to prompt better understanding. Canada also offers an arrangement that is advanced also often referred as modern IE equipments. Studying this course will develop and improve level of functioning in this sector.


Masters in Industrial Engineering in Canada requirements include Bachelors degree, English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Letter of Recommendation, etc. Referring to the college or university website is advised as informative details on prerequisites are best provided on it. Scholarships and education loans are granted for this program in Canada.


Engineering courses in Germany are acknowledged worldwide. Industrial Engineering includes various advanced elements of engineering and science. Studying MS in Industrial Engineering in Germany that is technology inclined and has advanced set up. It will result in rapid development and understanding of the subject. The educational activity through practical and theoretical information will also give professional-lives experience to students.

Masters in Industrial Engineering requirements in Germany include Bachelors degree, English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation for university and Statement of Purpose for student visa purpose. More detailed information regarding international application process, get in touch with precise university/college.

Public universities in Germany often offer courses at relatively reasonable educational expenses as far the abroad living perspective is concerned. Scholarships are granted at many universities and colleges in this country moreover, education loans are also granted by banks/institutions.

United States of America

Many top universities in USA offer best information related to engineering fields. Industrial Engineering is one of the most sought after programs in this country, considering the ratio of employment opportunities and advanced educational setup. United States is also best known for experiences that lead to exposure and personality development attributes. Masters in Industrial Engineering in USA focuses on specifics of productivity, efficiency and manufacturing aspects of this evolving sector.

To enroll for this program in USA entrance exam GRE scores, English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Bachelor’s degree, Letter of Recommendation, CV/Resume, etc. United States is an expensive country to study in. Many students choose to apply for educational loans that cover most of their basic expenses. Other prominent ways of funding include scholarships that are granted by many significant organizations and universities.

Masters in Industrial Engineering top universities:

  • Technical University of Berlin, Germany
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America
  • Concordia University, Canada
  • Texas A&M University, United States of America
  • RWTH Aachen, Germany

Masters in Industrial Engineering career prospects:

  • Cost Estimators
  • Health and Safety Engineers
  • Industrial Engineering Techniques
  • Logisticians
  • Management Analyst
  • Supply Chain Management

Choosing this program can open up many career opportunities. Furthermore, individuals can learn better at advanced level arrangements that hold futuristic insights. Masters in Industrial Engineering salary packages depend on attributes such geographical location and designation of an individual. For more in-depth knowledge pursuing doctorate degree is suggested.

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