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Grenoble MSc Marketing Management


Marketing as we know for the purpose of selling of goods and services in order to attain better business revenue with skills that eventually became a huge selling strategy that is now used for almost all businesses, when used effectively the business flourishes and further goes on introducing products with a new marketing strategy. Commercializing of goods and services only began in the late 1930s where products were introduced in a very loud and visual way. There began the understanding and conceptualizing of marketing standards resulting to very good to very bad marketing techniques. Selling of a product wholly depends on its marketing techniques, which aims to bring people’s attention with different approach.



What is Marketing Management?

With various marketing techniques that have been introduced with times, the management has also become as mandatory to project these techniques rightfully. The concept and purpose of marketing management is the process of planning a strategy, deciding on prices, promotional techniques along with distribution of goods and services for creating impactful sales for the organization.

Marketing management is a specialized course that aims to train students with the skills that is required for the position and for the execution of marketing. Masters in marketing management enhances your operational skills at a level such that one can endure the ability of decisiveness; the knowledge helps you support marketing activities at International marketing management level. The basic functions of marketing management are: Digital marketing, Strategic management and marketing management along with developing core business skills.


Grenoble school of management a well-known institute of marketing management provides MSc marketing management Grenoble degree of 2 years has a syllabus that mainly focuses on:

  • YEAR 1 – Digital marketing, Strategic management, Marketing management, core business skills
  • YEAR 2 –Integrative Marketing case study, Final Management Project, Foreign language

With the study of the above mentioned subjects, one can build their skills in Marketing, Digital Advertising, Market Research; Retailing, Logistics and Sales and work at any of the organizations at the positions of:

  • MARKETING – Marketing executive, Product manager, Brand manager, Sales promotion account executive, Marketing manager, PR account executive
  • MARKET RESEARCH – Market Researcher. Research Executive, Senior researcher
  • RETAILING, LOGISTICS and SALES – Retail buyer, Retail merchandiser, Customer service manager, Retail manager, Sales executive, Sales manager, Logistics Executive, Logistics and Distribution manager.
  • DIGITAL ADVERTISING – Chief Digital officer, Social media manager, Account manager, Content manager, Media buyer, Media Planner.

Above mentioned are some of the positions that were recruited at the university. Students who have successfully completed their Master of Science in marketing management have claimed to get a good set of knowledge and information which has helped them in their professional lives.

The locations where MSc Marketing management Grenoble (Specialized University) are Grenoble (France) and Berlin (Germany)

Post Master in marketing management salary earned differs according to the company and the designation, although according to the sources and data collected this year, it is no less than $70,000.

Studying marketing management opens up opportunities of learning better about marketing and the effective techniques for successfully presenting or concluding a campaign. Marketing management is a wide concept and a career that is chosen by many students, pursuing this will ideally help you enhance and improve communication skills along with developing your management ability. 

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Marketing Management

  • Bachelor’s degree from a relevant university
  • English proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • CV/Resume

Top Universities for Grenoble MSc Marketing Management

Grenoble Ecole de Management is the sought-after institute for this degree. This institute is operated by GISMA Business School.

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