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Master in Geography Abroad - Top Countries, Colleges, Courses

Master in Geography Abroad - Top Countries, Colleges, Courses

Geography is a scientific field of study and profession that deals with study of lands, elements on Earth, habitants and the concept of planets. The presence of Geography has led to various fascinating discoveries and continues to amaze us with new revelations. Masters in Geography is a post-graduation degree that has many specializations. Studying this course is beneficial to students with keen interest in this field and who have are looking to explore careers in this discipline.

This subject is extensive and has numerous specializations that individuals can choose from.  The course is also conducted at many top universities. If you are planning to study this program you must be well aware of the subject and its significance in whole. Moreover, you should be thoroughly read and informed about different categories of Geography. Also, benefit of studying abroad is expanding your knowledge and also preparing you for well-paid Masters in Geography salary jobs.

Masters in Geography course details:

  • Expected duration to complete studies in Masters in Geography abroad  are 2 years
  • Master of Arts and Master of Science are the two types of post-graduation courses in Geography
  • Full time courses and Part time courses are offered for this program
  • Specializations of this discipline are categorized as Human Geography and Physical Geography
  • Human Geography specializations are related to human activities and their effects on Earth. Whereas, Physical Geography specializations are related to natural elements on Earth

Masters in Geography syllabus:

      • Biogeography
      • Climatology and Meteorology
      • Landscape Ecology
      • Social Geography
      • Urban Geography
      • Cultural Geography
      • Oceanography
      • Environmental Geography

    Masters in Geography Entry Requirements:

        • CV/Resume
        • Bachelor’s Degree
        • English Proficiency Test: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE
        • Letter of Recommendation
        • Statement of Purpose


    What are TOEFLPTE and IELTS exams? How to prepare and apply for these English proficiency tests?

    How to compose Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose with samples

    Resume with samples

Best countries to pursue Masters in Geography

United Kingdom

Undoubtedly, UK is one of the best destinations you can pick to study this subject. Not only is UK popular for its royalty grounds but also is very well known for higher education. Studying thesis and research based subjects such as Geography in UK will equip you with world-class information. You can study and experience professional standards of this discipline after completing your higher education. The student life also here is extremely pleasant along with that one can explore locations in Europe whilst pursuing their post-graduation.

Entry requirements for Masters in Geography UK programs include submission of English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores, Bachelor’s degree, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, etc. Generally, international students have to submit other additional documents which one can obtain detailed information about from specific university’s website. Cost of study in UK is high therefore majority of students opt for financial assistance through education loans and scholarships.


Germany has many educational institutions that offer this program. Both MA and MSc in Geography courses are conducted in universities of Germany. The benefit of pursuing studies in Germany is not only their advanced set up for education but also cheap higher education. Most Indian students choose this country because of its expansive range of educational experiences.

To enrol for Masters in Geography in Germany requirements such as English Proficiency Test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Bachelor’s degree, Letter of Recommendation, CV/Resume and Statement of Purpose must be submitted. Financial assistance through scholarships and education loans are available to experience education in Germany.

United States of America

Unquestionably USA is one of the most sought after countries for higher education. Several Indian students visit USA each year to acquire pedagogy from globally acclaimed universities. MSc Geography syllabus taught in institutions of this country will endow you with significant attributes of this field. Pursuing this course of study in USA will give you an opportunity to expand your level of experience and knowledge altogether.

Entry requirements for studying Masters in Geography in USA include Bachelor’s degree, English Proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, etc. Aspiring students are advised to get in contact with the specific university to know more or elucidate information regarding requirements and course details.

Cost of study and lifestyle in USA is high individuals are advised to think through their financial expenditure beforehand. Most of the students choose to apply for education loans and scholarship to support their higher education expenses abroad.


Geography studies in Canada are filled with opportunities. One can learn various aspects of this field from top universities in Canada. Expats also have the opportunity to work and settle in this country after education. The country is perfect for Indian students as their diverse culture is extremely helpful for enhancing experiences. You can opt to study various branches in Geography from universities of this country. Furthermore if you choose to pursue PhD you can decide to stay back and complete your education.

To enroll for Masters in Geography in Canada requirements such as Letter of Recommendation, Bachelor’s degree, CV/Resume, English Proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores are needed. International students have to submit additional set of documents which are mentioned on specific university website.

Cost of study in Canada is cheaper in comparison to USA. Accommodation and lifestyle in Canada is substantial in nature. One can apply for scholarships and education loans to experience international living in Canada.


Sweden is a pleasant country for higher education and living. Another European country offering post-graduation in Geography holds the scope of expansion of knowledge and learning numerous new aspects of the field. You can study at globally acclaimed universities and further choose to work in this or other Europe based country for more experiences. Education from Sweden is recognized world-wide. The warm nature put forth by citizens of this country will make give you a similar feeling that is rooted back from home.

To submit admission application for this course, you will need prerequisites such as Letter of Recommendation, English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, CV/Resume, etc. More information on entry requirements and course details visit the university website.

Sweden is considered among some of the cheapest countries for education. Some public universities in this country offer free of cost education for post-graduation level studies. In entirety, Sweden is a wonderful destination for higher education that also holds the scope of employment in this field.

  • King’s College London, United Kingdom
  • University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • University of Guelph, Canada
  • University of Victoria, Canada
  • University of Idaho, United States of America
  • University of Missouri, United States of America
  • Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Stockholm University, Sweden

Masters in Geography Career Prospects:

  • Urban Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Planner
  • Cartography
  • Professor
  • Land Surveyor
  • Planning and Development Surveyor
  • Town Planner
  • Photogrammetry

What can you do with Masters in Geography?

Masters in Geography is a gateway to many designations. Since the subject is spread worldwide job opportunities are ample. You can learn variety of notions through studying and working in this field of study and profession. Best universities for Geography will provide you with definite information that can help you become an adept. To give you a rough delineation of job prospects in this field, research on above mentioned possibilities of career after completing Masters. You can further pursue, PhD in Geography to learn in-depth about this field.

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