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Psychology is a diverse subject that encourages study of human behavior which includes both unconscious and conscious state of mind. Psychology is a very important subject which thoroughly understands the behavioral pattern, recognizes symptoms and states the cause and effect of the behavior. Through several methods and practices psychologists study behaviour and mental pattern like cognitive, perceptive, emotion, emotions, and functionality of an individual to describe their state of mind.

What is the Study of Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. The study of psychology helps understand the mind, behaviour and performance through various methods and tactics that help psychiatrists and psychologists understand the human mind and behaviour better.

Psychology has become a beaming topic of interest in today’s age. However the initial study of psychology is traced way back in times. With the recurring development and continuous advancement in world scenarios various behavioural patterns are recognised. Therefore the scope in psychology has significantly changed with more students opting to study Psychology masters program abroad.

Masters in Psychology is pursued by several individuals around the world at top universities for psychology studies. Psychology courses are provided at numerous universities around the world. A Psychology degree at master’s level is important if an individual aims to become a full time psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychology masters degree can be pursued under the titles of MSc Psychology, and MA Psychology. Refer to the following list for MS Psychology programs as well MA Psychology programs.

List of Psychology masters programs specialized degree:

    • Masters in Clinical Psychology
    • Masters in Business Psychology / Corporate Psychology
    • Masters in Social Psychology
    • Masters in Child Psychology
    • Masters in Community Psychology
    • Masters in Forensic Psychology
    • Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • Masters in Media Psychology
    • Masters in Sports Psychology
    • Masters in Health Psychology

masters in psychology

Program structure for masters in Psychology may vary depending on the specialization an individual chooses. The duration of Master of Psychology degree for full time programs are 1 year and part time programs are 2 years. Masters in Psychology abroad program or course structure concludes learning at least 5 subjects per semester. The difference between MA in Psychology and MSc or MS in Psychology is that Masters in Psychology (MA) specialized degrees are arts and humanities related whereas, Masters of Science in Psychology specialized degree is scientific and technical related.

Eligibility for pursuing Masters Degree in Psychology

Best universities for Psychology in the world

  • University of Bath (United Kingdom)
  • University of Amsterdam (Australia)
  • University of Toronto (Canada)
  • Macquarie University (Australia)
  • University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Cardiff University (United Kingdom)
  • University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

*Above mentioned universities are not categorised in reference of order or rank. They have been arranged or listed randomly.

Studying psychology from a reputed university and reliable country is important for expanding and learning the subject with right exposure. Best countries to study psychology include United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. The countries are known to be best for the degree because of the quality of education and experiences gained from acquiring expertise knowledge from reputed professors in psychology around the world.

Best Countries for Masters in Psychology

United Kingdom

It is safe to say that parts of United Kingdom have some of the best known universities around the world. The country can be considered as one of the ideal destination for the study of psychology. The subject structure followed by the universities in United Kingdom for Masters in Psychology is extremely reliable and experience filled. Masters in Psychology in London at top and reputed universities will help students understand and build an explicit knowledge of Psychology from studying under experienced Psychology professors. MSc in Psychology is the most popular degree in UK.


Australia is a great destination to practice and study psychology. Few universities in this country are best known for its Masters in Psychology degree. Masters in Psychology in Australia will help students develop a perspective that will improve an individual’s performance as psychologist. Also students will gain abundance of knowledge from these universities where considerably reputed professors teach students.


Canada offers quality institutions along with diverse and cultural experience. Masters in Psychology from Canada will develop an individual’s ability to understand the human behavioural pattern. The country is considered to be one of the top international student destinations. Universities in Canada provide students with ample and well founded knowledge to students aspiring to be psychologists. MA in Psychology is popular in the country.

Career Prospects post graduating in Masters in Psychology:

  • Counsellor
  • Psychologist (Behavioural, Clinical, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Corporate Psychologist / Business Psychologist
  • Child Care supervisor
  • Therapist

The scope and career prospects of Psychology are vast, job opportunities are ample, well respected and also generate good income along with that a psychologist helps save a human by understanding and listening to them attentively at various circumstances. To study further after Masters Degree in Psychology, individuals can opt for PhD in Psychology where you can acquire in-depth knowledge of Psychology based on research modules.

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