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Education System in Russia

Education System in Russia
If you plan to pursue your higher education in Russia, it would be helpful to take a good look at the education system of Russia.
Russia has one of highest literacy rates in the world (99.7%) with more than half of its population having studied till the tertiary level. Such a high rate of literacy is due t0 the fact that education is compulsory for children till the age of 15.
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Pre-Higher Education System in Russia

  1. Nursery school, or kindergarten (for children under 6)
  2. Primary school (1st to 4th grades, for age 6-9)
  3. Secondary school (5th to 9th grades, for age 10-14)
  4. High/Upper secondary school (10th and 11th grades), and higher education at a university.

The Master Level: A master degree is awarded after a successful completion of two years’ full-time study. The Institutes / Universities offering higher education in Russia has a total enrollment of more than two million students. The staff of the various institutions include more than 16,250 doctors of science and about 8,70,000 candidates of science who, apart from lecturing, are active in the development of new scientific trends and advanced technology.

The PhD Level: Tomsk Polytechnic University and other Universities and colleges in Russia offer international students a wide range of Ph. D. programs. The training of well-qualified specialists for teaching and research lasts for 3 to 4 years and ends in the public defense of a Ph.D. thesis. All these are fulfilled under the guidance and supervision of leading university scientists. The minimum qualification for a PhD course is a master’s degree. The period of part-time or distant doctoral training is about 4 years.

Grading System in Russia

A five point grading system is in place in Russia which is followed consistently from primary to secondary to higher level of education. The grades are interpreted in the following manner:

“5” or “Excellent”: This is the best possible grade, representing excellent knowledge in a given subject.)

“4” or “Good”: A 4 means that your knowledge in the subject is good.

“3” or “Satisfactory”: This is the passing grade and translates to fair/ satisfactory.

“2” or “Unsatisfactory”: This grade is equivalent to the 1st level of failing, denoting minimum knowledge

“1” or “Poor”: This is the lowest possible grade, equivalent to complete failure and is not given very often

Often a “+” or “” are used to give more range to the grades. For instance 3+ is a better score than 3 but is not as good as 4- .

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