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Bachelor's Degree in Singapore - Part Tme & Full Time

Study in Singapore


Various colleges and universities offer undergraduate courses for the students. Some of the programs are:

2Arts & Social Sciences18 Majors
3Building and Real EstateProject & Facilities Management (Real Estate)
4Business AdministrationAccountancy
5Computer Engineering
6ComputingInformation Systems Courses
8Industrial Design
9LawUndergraduate Law Program | Graduate L.L.B Program
14Science15 Majors


Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Engineering Science

Environmental Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

University Scholars Program

Concurrent Degree Programs (CDP)

  • Overview and FAQ

  • B.BA. & Master in Public Policy

  • LLB & Master in Public Policy

  • B.Comp. & Master of Entertainment Technology

  • B.BA. & Master of Science (Management)

  • B.Comp. & Master of Science (Management)

  • B.Eng. & Master of Science (Management)

  • Computing (Communications and Media) & Master of Entertainment Technology (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Computing (Computational Biology) & Scientific Master in Computer Science-Computational Biology track (Brown University)

  • Computing (Information Systems Courses) and Master of Philosophy in Management (Cambridge University)

  • Computing (Information Systems Courses) and Master of Science (Management) (NUS)

Double Degree Programs (DDP)

1Overview & FAQ
2Business Administration | Communications & New Media
3Computing & Business Administration
4Computing & Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
5Economics & B.BA.
6Law & Life Sciences
7Materials Science | Engineering & Physics
8Business Administration & Engineering
9Business Administration & Law
10Economics & Law
11Engineering & Economics
12Double Degree Program with 6 premier French Grandes Ecoles

Double Major (DM) Programs

  • Overview and FAQ

  • Second Major in Management

  • Second Major in Management (Technology)

Joint Degree Programs

No.Partner InstitutionPrograms
1Australian National University

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors) – Actuarial Studies & Economics

Bachelor of Science (Honors) & Bachelor of Philosophy (Honors)

Joint Bachelor of Arts (Honors) & Bachelor of Philosophy (Honors)

2University of MelbourneBachelor of Civil Engineering
3University of North Caroline (Chapel Hill)Joint Bachelor of Arts (Honors)

Part-Time Programs

1Bachelor of Technology Program in Engineering
3Chemical Engineering
4Civil Engineering
5Engineering Science
6Environmental Engineering
7Electrical Engineering
8Industrial & Systems Engineering
9Materials Science & Engineering
10Mechanical Engineering
11University Scholars Program

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Singapore

1National University of Singapore
2Nanyang Technological University
3Singapore University of Technology and Design
4Management Development Institute of Singapore
5PSB Academy

Top 5 BBA Colleges in Singapore

1National University of Singapore
2Singapore Management University
3Nanyang Technological University
4SIM Global Education
5Management Development Institute of Singapore

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