MBA Programmes in South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful country and is a pioneering force in the field of business education with established institutions offering nineteen MBA programmes of the highest calibre. Every year more than 4000 students enroll themselves at local business schools and as the country moves forward  into a new era of opportunities, the demand for MBA graduates is set to grow.

In the past few years, no other country has been through such dramatic cultural and political transformations as South Africa. When talking about the developing countries, we always forget that Sub-Saharan Africa has also started to transform; in this region, South Africa is the most economically developed.
For an MBA aspirant, South Africa is a country that merits reflection. It symbolises the energy and hope of a nation that took Fate into its own hands to build a better future.

Few people are aware of the fact that South Africa was the first country to have MBA outside of the USA. The Graduate School of Management at the University of Pretoria (GSM) was founded in 1949 and two years later, 25 graduates received their MBA degrees – the first to be awarded by a non-American university.

World-class education, at the cutting-edge of research, stretch across the country from beautiful landscapes of Cape Town to vibrant Johannesburg where the pace is relentless. Besides a variety of MBA options are available, which are tailour-made to suit individuals with specific needs or circumstances.

Full-time MBA programmes are commonplace and are particularly popular with international students, while those who prefer to continue working while they study have a number of part-time programmes to choose from. Other options include modular, supported distance learning as well as Internet-based MBAs.

Having achieved a global reputation for innovation and a “hands-on�? approach to MBA education, Institutes in South Africa offer real-world learning, which is firmly rooted in the business sector.

One of the many advantage of many South African MBA programmes is the ability to provide an “overall�? learning experience and students graduate with a solid ground in both practical and theoretical knowledge. Besides a combination of local and international faculty adds to the wealth of expertise available at business schools.

The rigorous admissions criteria, appropriate work experience is the key requirement for successful acceptance into South African MBA programmes, with the average age of students being 34.

Business schools look for candidates who are experienced, disciplined and focused on their intended career paths in order to ensure that the learning environment is both challenging and intellectually stimulating.

A major effort has been made to counter the issue of gender diversity and women now  form a growing percentage of the student body. South Africa also attracts a large number of students from other African countries.

One of the major reasons of South Africa being a favorable study destination is the favourable exchange rate, therefore MBA from South Africa costs far less than overseas.

Diverse cultures, beliefs and languages are a hallmark of the South African landscape. This fusion of African and Western ideology forms the ideal platform to prepare for today’s global workplace and serves as a major draw card for the increasing number of international students.

As the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu,Gary Player,  Johan Rupert and many others, South Africa hold the central position of a continental renaissance and is set to provide students with the true MBA experience.

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