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Important Telephone Numbers in the UK

As a student in a faraway land, you’ll feel safer if you know whom to contact in case of an emergency. Indian students studying in the UK should be familiar with the following important contact numbers.

Emergency Number - Call 999

If you’re in immediate danger or are witnessing a crime in action, then the emergency number to dial is 999. Don’t use this number if you have to report a non-emergency situation. You may end up delaying the UK police’s response to someone who is in actual danger. Calling 999 won’t cost you any money i.e. this is a toll free number.

Non Emergency Number - Call 101

101 is the number to dial in case you have to report a non-emergency situation or a crime that has already taken place for e.g. reporting a theft/ damage to property/ drug dealing instances/ drunken behaviour/ anti-social activities. In case you’re hearing/ speech impaired, you can text to 18001 101 for non-emergency situations.

Indians in the UK

If you get any suspicious calls saying that mistakes were found in your passport, visa form, immigration form and are asked to deposit money, immediately get in touch with your university/ employers as well as the Indian High Commission at email ID:  [email protected]

Medical Helpline

You can call 111 round-the-clock for any medical advice or query

Text/ SMS the transport police

If you’re traveling by the rail network anywhere in the UK or are using the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Sunderland Metro, Glasgow Subway and Emirates AirLine, you can report non-emergency incidents or crimes (that may have already happened) by sending an SMS/ text to 61016 OR by calling on 0800 40 50 40. These are contact numbers of the British Transport Police who take care of these areas.

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