BS Application Procedure in USA

BS Application Procedure in USA

The students who go to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering in the USA are awarded with a Bachelors in Science (BS), unlike in India, where engineering graduates are awarded with a Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) or a Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech).

Admission process for BS in the US - for Indian students

  1. SAT & TOEFL: For admission to an undergraduate programme like BS in the US, taking the SAT Reasoning Test and the TOEFL is mandatory. Some universities may also ask the prospective students to take SAT 2 (i.e. SAT Subject Tests.)

  2. Download the application form: Most applicants first choose about 10 universities, download the application material or have it mailed, then, they narrow down to 5-6 universities.

  3. Selecting a University: Selecting a university can be a tough task. Primarily, it depends on 2 major factors. Your scores and assessing how much you can spend.

You can know about the score requirements of a certain university, by mailing the admissions office.

The BS programme in the US is a 4 year course. The course duration for associate degrees like Associate of Science (A.S.) is 2 years. The total expenses incurred by you can be anywhere between US Dollars 10000 to 30000 per year. So, for a 4 year course, it can be from anywhere between US Dollars 40000 to 120000. The expenses vary for different universities. (Know more about the top universities in the US.) There are very few scholarships at the undergraduate level, in the US.

The factors to be kept in mind while short listing a university are:

  • SAT, TOEFL, Class 10 and Class 12 scores.
  • The program: There are 100s of undergraduate programs on offer, in the US. you should go for the one you find suits your needs.
  • If 2 universities offer a similar course, look for factors like the popularity of the course, the faculty, acceptance ratio (number of students who applied to the number who actually got in)
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Ease of admission
  • Facilities for International Students
  1. Complete Your Application Form: Check the application form and fill out a photocopy of the form to ensure you don’t make an error while filling out the application form that you have to send out.

  2. Academic Calendar: Please click here for the academic calendar

  3. Attach all the documents: Make a checklist of all the documents to be attached along with your application form. For most BS programme, some of the most common documents that you need to send are:
  • Class 10th and 12th Mark sheets, attested by the school Principal
  • Copies of your TOEFL and SAT scores
  • Documents to prove your financial capability.
  • Recommendation letters by your school teachers. The letters must describe you as a person, your strengths, weaknesses, your academic standing, motivation, leadership qualities, and personality and should be an honest assessment about you.
  • Application fee

Bear in mind that the mailing the documents could take about 8-10 days, so do mail the documents accordingly.

  1. Prepare and apply for a visa

You will need to put together a list of documents before going for a visa. These are normally, your I-20 Form, financial documents, Affidavit of Financial Support, Passport, Visa application form, among other things.

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