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Credit Transfer Process while going from an Undergraduate Course in India to a BS/ BA in the US

Credit Transfer Process while going from an Undergraduate Course in India to a BS/ BA in the US
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While it is very difficult to  do Credit  transfer  university  in India one country to another, the US universities offer this system. You can transfer from your present college in India, to a college/university in the US on the basis of credits earned and successfully go on to complete your degree from a US University. In fact, every year, more than 10 lakh students (including Indian and international students from abroad who are already pursuing UG courses like B.Tech in a non-American university), transfer to a new US college/ institute.

Admission criteria to transfer to a new US university

Generally, transfer of students is allowed after the first year of undergraduate course. It is more common after the second year, and very rare when the student in his final year of undergraduate study. This depends on the admission criteria of the  Top U.S. universities you’re applying to – some colleges/ universities in the US (the Brown university, for instance) require you to pursue at least 2 years of undergraduate studies on their campus, before you become eligible to graduate with a degree.

The most important thing to keep in mind while seeking a Credit transfer to a US university/college is the structure of education. In case the structure of your course does not match that of the university you seek a transfer to, the process of transfer becomes very difficult.

Apart, of course from the structure and nature of the course offered, there are two other things considered at the time of transfer for an undergraduate student:

  1. The University or the College in India should be recognized by a recognizing body (like the AICTE or the University Grants Commission, UGC.)
  2. The courses that you transfer from your Indian university/ college, should be compulsory for you to complete your degree. In some universities, it is compulsory for you to pass the core subjects (Mechanics, for a BE/B.Tech majoring in Automation Engineering, for example, to get a degree). You can not leave these subjects.

Please ensure that you submit all your graduation documents through your University/Institute only.

The list of some of the most common documents needed by Credit transfer Unversity in the india is given below:

  • Class 10th and 12th Mark sheets, attested by the school Principal
  • Copies of your TOEFL and SAT scores
  • Any other certification course you undertook, with the number of hours required in that, laboratory work, the books used.
  • Documents to prove your financial capability. The total expenses incurred by you can be anywhere between US Dollars 10000 to 30000 per year
  • Recommendation letters by your school teachers. The letters must describe you as a person, your strengths, weaknesses, your academic standing, motivation, leadership qualities, and personality and should be an honest assessment about you.
  • An SOP asking you to explain the reasons why you seek transfer to a US university, your performance during your course of study and other personal details.
  • Application fee

You also have to mention whether you are applying as a fresher (1st year student) or continuing your education from where you left in your home country. For continuing your education, you need a minimum number of credits, which vary from one university to another. To know more about the top universities in the US, click here.

Please note that while the process of  Credit transfer Unversity in india itself is easy, it is difficult to get through to the best universities because of the competition. Hence, it becomes essential for you to make your application strong.

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