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How to Apply in a University in United States

It is a popular fact that United States of America is among the most sought-after countries for higher education. The education system in US is renowned, the culture is widely talked about, the diversity and various places to explore in the country are some of the reasons why students choose the country for education. USA is technologically inclined and the country is also globally acclaimed. With many student experiences we can now state that study is USA is quite beneficial as the lifestyle and culture in the country is well accepted worldwide.


The college/university application process in general is quite a task. But with no doubt, the process and hard work can lead to one of the best experiences in life. To help you with the application process we have collected some of the mostly commonly asked questions and have answered them.

Read here in detail how to get admission in US universities from India.

When should I start working on my applications

usa university apllication process

It is recommended that one must start working on their applications as early as possible. If you have any doubts related to how to get admission in US universities from India do not hesitate to contact the concerned university. Applications process can be a little overwhelming but the end results make it all worth it!

The timeline to studying in your desired university

  • 1.5 years before enrolling: Research on the potential colleges and universities that are suitable for your desired degree, note down all the listed requirements and simultaneously work hard on your grades. Gain maximum information possible through available resources.
  • 1 year before enrolling: Select the universities you are willing to send applications. Prepare and appear for entrance exams.
  • 11 months before enrolling: Gather the required primary and secondary documents. If required visit your school to collect certificates in order to attach them in your university application submission. Approach your professor or manager for Letter of Recommendation. Retake entrance exam if the score is not satisfactory.
  •  10 months before enrolling: Recheck all the documents. Complete your application/s and send them out. Write a student essay.
  • 6 months before studying in USA: Receive the acceptance letter.  
  • 3 months before studying in USA: Apply for student visa. Prepare a Statement of purpose letter. Apply for health insurance. Book for your travel tickets and other accommodations. 
  • 2 to 1 month/s before studying in USA: List down the personal and class requirements whilst studying in USA.
  • Make sure you are carrying all the necessary documents with you.

How should I send my application/s and documents to the universities in USA?

Students can send their application via courier and remember to make different copies for each university. Most of the universities do not accept document submission online, however some universities accept applications online but documents can be only sent through courier services. Students are required to submit their documents along with high school transcripts to the address that is mentioned on the university’s website.

Note: If one cannot seem to find the right address, it is advised that they contact the university asking for the right address for sending the application documents.

What standardized exam should I opt?

SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. are some of the accepted standardized exams in the universities of USA. Standardized exams are a necessary requirement for enrolling in a university/college. It all depends on the degree the individual is choosing to study and also depends on what the university requires.

TOEFL, IELTS are English proficiency tests that are required to prove your English fluency skills. TOEFL is accepted in almost all universities of USA.

GRE, GMAT, etc. are mathematical and English based standardized tests that are required for qualifying the university requirements. Mostly, for students who have mathematics related subjects as part of their curriculum.

SAT, ACT are usually taken by high school and senior students that measures numeracy and written skills


English Proficiency test

Entrance Exam

Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Engineering.



Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration.



Master of Business Administration.



Masters of Fine Arts, Master of Education.



Master of Science, Master of Engineering.



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Other specialized Doctorate programs.



Do universities in USA offer financial aid?

Just like many other countries of the world, USA offers financial assistance to students that apply and get accepted by the scholarship committee. Financial aid category is available in almost all USA universities website. One can also enquire about financial aid through contacting the university simply via email.

What are the intakes of USA universities?

It is an enriching experience to study on campus in the universities of USA. There are mainly two seasons of intake: Spring and Fall season. However, there are some universities who also accept summer intake.

Spring as we know is around the summer time in India i.e. March, April, and May. Students who enrol for spring intake are most likely to begin their semester in the month of January.

Fall is around winter time in India i.e. September, October, November, and December. Students who enrol for fall intake are most likely to begin their semester in the month of August.

Tips for application process

  • Set and follow your timeline that helps you organize and manage college applications.
  • Recheck your documents before submitting them.
  • Research and learn better/more about the universities.
  • Consider other universities as well.
  • Proof read your content wherever necessary.
  • Start working on your applications as early as possible.
  • Submit your application at least a few weeks before the deadline.
  • We hope you make into your desired university and flourish with flying colours career and personality wise!

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