Top 5 vocational courses to go for after class 12

When most people are running after that medical and engineering degree, here’s your chance to do something different and learn skills that can help you explore new opportunities in life. Vocational courses are job-oriented short term courses offered by various colleges and organizations to help you to learn the necessary skills required to carry out a particular job.

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These courses have more practical-based classes than theory based classes hence students can get hands-on experience to work on live projects and enhance their skills. With the advancement of technology, these courses are getting popular due to good job prospects and demand. If you are about to enter college, you can go for vocational courses to develop a career in these top 5 professions-

1. Audio Technicians


A certificate course in audio engineering helps you learn the technical side of music & broadcast communications. Sound engineering technicians operate the equipment that record music and other audio tracks. The job prospect in this field is very good and there are many big and small media houses that require such technicians for work.

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2. Game Designer


A game designer, as the name suggests, designs video games. A lot of technical work goes into designing a single game and specific computer software is used to design high end games, 

3. Foreign Language Expert

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With businesses rapidly expanding, language experts are in high demand. Language experts need to communicate with foreign clients clearly about the company’s products and services. 

4. Pilot


After completing the training successfully, you will receive a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) which will allow you to work as a pilot for commercial airlines.

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5. Forensic Scientist

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If you love solving mysteries, then a diploma or certificate in Forensic Science can be very helpful. Forensic Science is used to solve criminal disputes and is surely an exciting career for those who are interested in this field.

There are more careers that can be added to the list. Vocational courses are in high demand in recent time as more and more people are interested to learn new skills. so even if you don’t have a mainstream career, you can do pretty well by going for vocational courses.

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