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Tips on House Hunting


If you happen to be an outstation student in a university town or a small town guy come to a big city to take up a lucrative job, then in all probability house hunting or looking for a suitable accommodation is one of the primary issues, which you will need to tackle.

In fact, house hunting is an arduous and time consuming task and therefore must be taken rather seriously. House hunting involves a person’s safety security and comforts; hence it becomes mandatory that one look for the optimum facilities and conveniences. There are numerous pitfalls along the way, which one must beware of in order to clinch the best bargain with the least hassles.

  • To begin with, never approach the house owners alone. Either go through a property dealer/real estate agent or else through some common acquaintances. Information about rented accommodation is almost always spread around by word of mouth, so you are not likely to encounter any major difficulty in the process.
  • Make sure you check out all the aspects of the premises, which you propose to hire, e.g. the locality, security measures, the entire covered area, storage space, bath and privy, availability of domestic help, grocery stores in the vicinity, sanitation and sewerage, water and electricity supply. It would be worthwhile to check out on the other residents (if any) in the same building; thereby you can assure yourself about the general ambiance and atmosphere.
  • You would do well to check out on the house owners too. That is if they are occupying premises in the same building. Since you are going to spend a major part of your time in the house, you must try to gauge their attitude towards the tenants/lodgers, degree of friendliness and cooperation, strictness or other wise and so forth….
  • Make sure that all the terms and conditions of the agreement (whether you go in for a lease deed or otherwise), plus the rules and regulations governing the transaction are recorded clearly in black and white. So that in case of any violation or aberration the aggrieved party may be able to secure legal aid and penalize the defaulters.
  • While entering agreements regarding hiring accommodation, make sure you have a witness to the deed. This will be help to avoid complications in future.
  • Put your cards on the table. Inform the prospective landlord about the number of people who will move in, pet dogs or cats if any, number of private vehicles, your visitors, your lifestyle (whether you tend to throw parties too often), your occupation, your timings and so forth. This will give the landlord a fair idea about what to expect from the new tenants.

  • Most important of all, make sure you obtain a proper receipt in lieu of the rent, which you are expected to (and must) pay every month. This is to ensure that there is no chance of foul play or malpractices.
  • Bargain hard about the rent. This is vital because sensing that you are a newcomer or a stranger to the area, the landlords largely tend to quote higher rates. After all the rates should suit your pockets. Don’t yield, but stick to your point instead. Convince yourself: there are plenty of houses available, so why compromise?
  • If you must hire property dealer/real estate people, hire the ones with proven credibility. Beware of touts and fly-by-night operators to avoid getting duped.

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Tips on House Hunting