Antique Collection

Antique collection is a very rare hobby and it is real fun to cultivate this hobby. The main thing is to start collecting whatever you feel is ancient stuff, it could be anything like a small piece of glass, coin, mud pieces, clay articles etc. In the beginning there will be difficulty in finding antiques because in urban areas there are less chances of finding old debris. In that case pass on the message to your friends or relatives about your hobby and procure their help for your antique collection. Even if you cannot find enough articles don’t get disheartened, keep looking out, and you will surely be rewarded one day.

Once you have started collecting whatever you feel is antique, write down everything like:

    • What is it made of? Is that vase made of  glass or china or plaster or clay? Are you sure?
    • How old is it?
    • Is it in good condition?
    • Are there any marks? Check thoroughly.
    • If you are not an expert in the area of art glass, all this information will not be of much help to you. There are fakes, fantasies and reproductions in almost every area of collectibles that can only be detected by an experienced eye.

OK, after you have checked your item and written all the detail, Here's what you have to do next :

Visit local Library :  It is absolutely amazing how much information you can find in books. Start with a general price guide. These books cover a wide range of collectibles and antiques. Most have categories arranged alphabetically. If you are looking for information on an item, and you know the manufacturer, start with that. If it is a musical instrument, look under ‘Musical Instrument’. Is it a string instrument? A violin? Look under ‘Violin’. If there are five different issues of the same price guide, look through all five. You could also meet people who have a good collection of antiques, attend exhibitions, go to museums and collect more information.

Find an Appraiser :  Not willing or able to do the work yourself ! Well, There are people who will do the work for you. You can find appraisers in phone books or at antique shows etc. 
After you have found the value or worth of your antiques, store them in a nice place and start adding them to your collection till you reach an extent. Then you can proudly display your collection through an exhibition. Happy collecting.

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