International Awards

Abdus Salam Award

Science and Technology Award of the Third World Academy of Sciences based in Italy.

Indian Physicist Prof. MGK Menon has been given this award named after late Pakistani Nobel Laureate.

Academy (Oscar) Awards

Academy awards are popularly known as Oscar Awards, given for excellence in the field of World Cinema.


Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal

Poland’s Prestigious award.


Amnesty International Global Award

For Human Rights Journalism. Mr. Palgami Sainath was presented this award for his article in The Hindu A Dalit Goes to Court, on life of a Dalit.


Body Shop Human Rights Award

A Human Rights Award, an NGO form Dindigul, Andhra Pradesh got this prize in year 2000 for its work in the field of eradication of industrial child labour.

Booker Prize

Literary Award, awarded annually for the best full length novel in the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Booker Prize Winners

Commonwealth Writer’s Prize

For Literature. Australian novelist Peter Carey won the prize for ” The True History of the Kelly Gang”.

Friendship Medal

Award given by China, The country’s top award for a foreigner. An Indian Wheat Scientist Mr. Sanjaya Rajaram was presented this award for his contribution to Beging’s Agriculture sector.

Gandhi International Peace Award

For peace efforts.

Grammy Awards

Music award for best record, best song of the year, best performance, best male and female singer, best album etc.

Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development

Instituted by Govt. of India in memory of Indira Gandhi to foster creative cooperation among nations, usher in new international economic order and enrich the human spirit.

Jamnalal Bajaj Award

Awarded for best contribution in constructive work, promoting Gandhian values, science and technology for development in rural areas.

Jawahar Lal Nehru Award for International Understanding

For promotion of international understanding, goodwill and friendship among the people of the world.

Jesse Owens Award

awarded to amateur athletes for their best performance.

Kalinga Prize

Presented by Kalinga Foundation Trust, the award is given annually to a person or persons in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the popularisation of science and technology.

Nobel Prize

Highest award in the world presented by The Swedish Academy in the various fields including Peace, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Literature.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

USA’s highest civilian honour.


Pulitzer Prize

For best Literary Work.

Ramon Magsaysay Award

Award for community leadership, Emergent Leadership.


Pakistan’s highest civilian award.

U-Thant Peace prize

Awarded annually to leading environmentalists and recognises the work of these individuals at the global level.

UNESCO’s Literacy Prize

Noma Literacy Prize- for activities towards national integration, conservation of environment, promotion of women’s equality, producing teaching-learning materials, training establishing autonomous bodies, creating educational awareness and raising demand for quality and quantity of primary education; Malcolm Adiseshiah International Literacy Prize – learning opportunities for those who seek knowledge but cannot attend literacy classes; International Reading Association Literacy Award – for family literacy program; The King Sejong Literacy Prize – for Adult literacy and training, and for educating women.

Wolf Prize

Israel’s highest prize equivalent to Nobel Prize of Israel.

World Tulsi Award

The award is given by the Florida International University of America and World Association of Vedic Studies, Miami, for contribution in promoting the humanitarian messages of the great poet Tulsidas.

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