CISCE ISC History - Introduction and Syllabus

History is a field of research which uses a narrative  to examine and analyse the sequence of events, and it sometimes attempts to investigate objectively  the patterns of cause and effect that determine events.

The ISC syllabus in History aims to:
  1. To provide accurate knowledge of the most significant events and personalities of the period under study, in sequence and in context.
  2. To develop the capacity to marshal facts and evaluate evidence and to discuss issues from a historical point of view.
  3. To develop the capacity to read historical views in the light of new evidence or new interpretation of evidence.
  4. To encourage diminution of ethnocentric prejudices and to develop a more international approach to world history.
  5. To develop the ability to express views and arguments clearly using correct terminology of the subject
  6. To familiarize candidates with factual evidence upon which explanations or judgments about the period must be founded.
ISC History Syllabus

To download the ISC History syllabus, click here

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